Come with me on a spiritual Journey!

The Gardener and My Garden (the book)

book cover
A Christian Poem Book 140 poems that will touch your heart!

The Gardener represents Jesus and the Garden represents our hearts.  As we give the Gardener control over our heart he is able to do some wonderful things in our lives!  However there are many obstacles on the way and most of them are caused by our unwillingness to give him everything.  We constantly give control to him only to take it back.  The weeds are whatever gets in the way of our relationship to God.  The weeds don’t have to be bad things.   However, when we let those things get in the way of our daily walk they become weeds in our garden.!  Our weeds must be constantly taken care of or they destroy the garden.  I hope that you will follow me on the path through life’s struggles, failures, confrontations, and victories on our way through the poetry of The Gardener and My Garden!

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