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The Gardener and My Garden

By Lewis Hamilton…
From the book The Gardener and My Garden c1997

The Gardener stopped by
the other day
to look at my flowers
in his usual way

But I told him my flowers
were fine and ok
and he should look at
other gardens today

I said there are yards
with no flowers at all
and the last time I looked
my flowers were tall

But the gardener kept asking
in his own gentle way
Let me take a good look
of your garden today

I told him again
that my garden was fine
You may look it all over
but it’s a waste of your time

He said with compassion
in his own gentle way
Let me look at the growth
of your flowers today

So he studied my flowers
that seemed to be fine
He examined the soil
for such a long time

He rose up quickly
and with a swift pace
He walked over to me
there was hurt on his face

There are weeds in your garden
he finally sighed
His eyes met mine slowly
and for a moment he cried

How can a good garden
with flowers so fine
become so neglected
in such a short time?

I told you to water
these beautiful plants
and use some weed killer
so weeds have no chance

To come in between them
and take up their space
Now you have killer weeds
all over the place

Oh those I said quickly
There was a surprise tone
I was hoping Mr. Gardener
we could leave those alone

You see I’d kind of like
to keep those old weeds
and I think their ok there
so on your way please

There was hurt in his voice
and tears in his eyes
He spoke very firmly
Your flowers will die

I give you this warning
Now please, please take heed
There cannot be flowers
in the midst of these weeds

Yes make now your choice
I give you my oath
You can have either flowers
or weeds, but not both.

No one can serve two masters
Matthew 6:24

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3 thoughts on “The Gardener and My Garden

  1. Beth van den Hombergh on said:

    Lewis, I’m so glad to see your book accessible! Your website is off to a great start. I’m thrilled with my hard copy edition.

  2. O my! This is a well written piece Lewis! The subject kept sinking deep insife my soul with each line…. God bless you! :) :)

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