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The Americanized Gospel

by Lewis Hamilton
from the book
“The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

We’ve Americanized the gospel
I’m standing in your line
Give me this day my daily bread
and get it here on time

Not your will, oh Lord my God
But give me my will I pray
Bless the things that I decide
Then get out of the way

I love my movies and my games
How about that M-TV!
Lord, I know you don’t always approve
but please, just let me be

My money is so hard to get
I hope it’s not a sin
Instead of tithing what I should
I stick a dollar in

I know I should pray to you more,
your face I should seek
You know, oh Lord how rushed I am
so I’ll pray once a week

My bible sits on the table there,
it almost looks brand new
There are so many books to read
and read the bible too?

I like my gospel nice and hot
I’ll name and claim my prize
I’ll gather all my blessings
as they fall down from the sky

When life is done for me, oh Lord
I’ll give you all of me
As for now don’t ask too much
I’m in a big hurry

I’ll squeeze you in at dinnertime,
on Sunday mornings too
Please make it quick if you call me
I have a lot to do.

corresponding passage II Timothy 3:2-4


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One thought on “The Americanized Gospel

  1. Cathy McCormick on said:

    So sad but true …I am sure of how many people treat God. I believe he should be included in every thing that happens in our daily lives. I’d rather be in touch with him than ANYONE in this world. I see his GREAT works everywhere!!
    Now how can people just leave him out, and call when only in despair??

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