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Thoughts about “Fast Food Christianity”

I have a phrase that I write in books if I’m asked to sign one.  It is a phrase that encompasses what this book is all about and is my wish for all of you!  The phrase is “May your hearts garden always be in the Master Gardener’s hands”  The wonderful news is it can be!  It’s totally up to you and I!  Are we willing to stop putting ourselves first and give God total control of our lives?  Chapter I “The Weeds” is  poems about “weeds”, things that get in the way of our relationship with God.

Are you wondering where this thing is going and how can someone who is hurting get comfort from reading poems about weeds?  I’ve found that comfort comes from knowing the big picture!  Yes, circumstances have hit us like a hurricane and we feel like we are hanging on to a tree while the winds gust all around!  We are wondering if we can hang on much longer!  The good news is that God knows where we are and what we need!

These poems in chapter 1 are not easy for us to hear at times.  They spotlight how we try to go our own way and how our efforts end up in failure.  Only by putting our complete faith in The Gardener to fix our garden can we truly have success!  It is comforting to know that there is a solution out there!  However, as you will see in the poems ahead there are many lessons to be learned!

Fast Food Christianity is a poem about how we like everything in our lives to be fast!  Think about the internet, a plane trip, and of course a stop at a  favorite fast food restaurant!  Usually things move fast, as we expect it should!  If things slow down somebody will hear about it!  In all of our fast paced lives, one thing that shouldn’t be fast is our walk with God!  It is a walk with God, not a sprint with God!   When you think about fast food you don’t think about how good it is for you.  Fast food gives us something and does it quick! Yet fast food isn’t the answer to our nutritional requirements and  “Fast Food Christianity” will not satisfy our spiritual needs!

Coming up next-The poem “Fast Food Christianity”


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