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Are you a Secret Agent?

Before I share the poem “Secret Agent” with you I’d like to share some thoughts!  Excactly what is a secret agent?  Well by definition a secret agent is someone who is an agent but nobody knows they are!  They blend in with the crowd and appear to be just like everyone else.  They hide their real purpose and show people only the side that doesn’t stand out!  Secret Agents don’t talk about the real issues because of the fear that they will give their cover away.  People must never find out who they really are!  They try to serve their purpose in secret.

In our christian walk let us be the opposite of secret agents!  Let our light shine on others in such a way that everyone will know that we are agents of the most high living God!  Let his love pour through us so we can help a hurting world openly!  I pray that when people see us they will know where we stand!  I pray that if you are a secret agent for Christ, you will cease to be ashamed of your faith and gladly share!  Let everyone know what you believe and never be timid or secretive!

Coming up..The Poem…“Secret Agent”

Secret Agent

By Lewis Hamilton
From the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

I keep my beliefs to myself
as much Lord, as I can
Please don’t make me testify
I’ll be your secret agent man

I‘ll mingle with my co-workers,
we have to get along
But deep down in my spirit
I’ll sing your gospel song

They’ll never know just how I feel,
I’ll hide it, that’s my plan
I won’t stand out from the rest
I’m your secret agent man

I go to church on Sunday
I hope that is enough
But talking to my fellow workers,
that would be too rough

Bless me Lord, as I sit there
as quiet as a mouse
Bless the things that I do
and everyone in my house

For you know Lord, I do my best
well almost all I can
Please don’t make me stand out
I’ll be your secret agent man

The Lord talked to me the other night
while I was sound asleep
He told me I was wrong
in the attitude I keep

He said he’d be ashamed of me
if I was ashamed of him
So there he changed my attitude
after I confessed my sins

Now I don’t cover up my light
I shine it all I can
There is no place in God’s army
for a secret agent man.

corresponding verse Mark 8:38

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