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How to become a Special Agent!

Just after new years I’m amazed by how busy the Rec Center that I am a member of is!  For at least a week that place is so crowded,  I have a hard time getting into a game or using a machine.  Then, a week later it seems the place is back to normal.  This reminds me of our Christian walk!  How many times have you told yourself I’m going to pray more this next year? I’m going to read the bible more!   I’m going to get closer to God!  Maybe when you read the Secret Agent poem you say I’m not going to be a Secret Agent anymore…and yet a week later you are right back where you started.

My former pastor told a story about a lady he was counseling.  She said “pastor, I’m going to walk with God more and I’m going to pray more!”  Right away he said to us sadly “I knew that she was on a path to failure”  You see, she was doing it on her own strength.  When we say I’m going to do this or that we are depending on ourselves.

You may wonder about the title Special Agent.  I’m using this term as the opposite of a Secret Agent.  You may have decided you don’t want to be a Secret Agent anymore.  Now is the time to change, but you must know where your strength lies!  If you read the poems earlier about Fast Food Christianity and The Americanized Gospel, is there any wonder we become Secret Agents?  We are depending on ourselves again instead of his strength!  When we make a decision to make God the most important thing in our lives, we can become Special Agents!

It’s more than saying I’m going to do this or that!  It’s actually spending quality time praying and reading the bible!  It’s depending on his strength rather than ours.  It’s asking for his will in our life instead of our own.  It’s not a one way prayer either, it involves a longing to do his will and desiring to be put in a position where you can be that Special Agent that he can use! If you really want to be a Special Agent start with a trip to your knees.  When you spend quality time with God, people will notice! Continue to walk in his strength and not your own and you will become a Special Agent!

The next poem “Time” is interesting!  We are all given the same amount of time in a day!  How we use it is up to us!

Coming up next: “Time”

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