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Doctor? Please!

Nobody I know likes to go to the doctor!  Sometimes it is something we have to do because of illness.  Other times it is just a yearly visit.   The fact is I don’t see many people excited about these visits.  There is always the fear of bad news as the reality sets in that we are not getting any younger!

How many times do you go to the doctor and get right in?  Usually it seems that everything is backed up.  You have an appointment at 2 and you don’t get in until after 2:30.  Sitting in a waiting room when you are feeling ill isn’t good!  The knowledge that sick people have waited in the room before you may make you feel sicker than when you came in!  Finally you get in and in 5 or 10 minutes you are through!  You wonder how you can be charged so much for so little!


Then there is the advice we don’t want to hear!  Joe said to Tom “What did the doctor tell you at your last appointment?”  “He told me I was too heavy”, Tom replied.  “He said I need to start eating right, quit smoking, get off the couch and get moving, and quit drinking too!”  “What are you going to do first?”, Joe inquired.  Tom blurted out “I’m going to get another doctor!”


As important as it is to get a physical exam, a spiritual exam is even more important!  The nice thing is we don’t have to wait and this exam is free!  When we are ready the doctor is ready too!  He is even waiting for us!  Sadly, the case above also may hold true in this exam. We may not want to hear the changes that must be made!  As in the case of the medical doctor though, the advice is for our own good!  As always God leaves the choice completely up to us.  We must be willing to change, and seek the help of the one who can change us!  When we put our trust in the great physician and follow his guide he will make the changes that will put us in right standing with him again!  It’s a healthy choice for our spirit!

Coming up next:   My Spiritual Exam

My Spiritual Exam

by Lewis Hamilton
from the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

Just like I need a physical
to find out how I am
It’s time for me to ask my Lord
for a spiritual exam

He’ll ask me many questions
Can I be honest with myself?
Thinking that I’ve got it made
could be harmful to my health

Is my gear shifted into drive
or is it stuck in park?
Does my light shine on others
or do I leave them in the dark?

Is my salt being poured out
or is it all for waste?
Does it flavor when it’s poured
or has it lost its taste?

When he gives me the vision
to see how I can be
will I make excuses
or let the Lord use me?

Will my spirit be broken
so my life he then can mold?
Or have I pushed the button
to put the Lord on hold?

When I leave the great physician’s room
will I be better than I came?
Or have I made my mind up
to keep my life the same?

“…I desire to do your will, O my God,
your law is within my heart.”

Psalm 40:8

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2 thoughts on “Doctor? Please!

  1. Lewis, You have such a warm and wonderful way with words. And such bedside manner!, I almost want my appendix taken out! You make religion sound both fun and funny. Oh, you mean relationship. Oops!, sorry for bothering you, but now have to go find another doctor.
    <… Tim…

  2. Tim, I deeply appreciate your kind words! I like the comment about religion being both fun and funny! I think that being a Christian should be fun! You are right, it is a relationship! It’s a relationship where he puts a peace and calm in our spirit! With that we can’t help but smile because we are truly happy! As far as finding another doctor, don’t leave! I think you are in the right place!

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