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Are You Running On Empty?

I remember many times my dad would notice that my gas needle was on or close to the E!  He would always bring it to my attention. I guess he didn’t want to get stranded somewhere with me!  It wasn’t that I couldn’t afford the gas.  It was just a matter of convenience.  I knew or thought I knew just how far the needle could go down.  When it was close to the E maybe it wasn’t quite empty!  I’d pass a gas station…nah, I’m not quite on the E yet.  My dad said to me more than once “You know Lewis, it’s just as easy to keep it halfway full to full, as it is empty to halfway full.”  It was a good piece of advice. Why not fill your tank up, then when it reads  half a tank fill it again?  Maybe you are a lot like I was with your car.  Maybe you wait until you’re almost empty.

Many of us are like that in our spiritual life!  We don’t call on God until we desperately need him.  We wait and pass on the opportunity to refuel until it is almost too late!  We try to pour other things into our spiritual gas tank!  Things that we think will keep us going, only to learn later that what we thought would fill the need doesn’t!

This next poem is called “Empty”.  It was actually written about a person I knew.  This person was one of the most active, fun, outgoing, and alive individuals around!  Yet the words to this poem came when I wondered what this person would really tell me if they could?  Were they living the happy life we all saw or were they running on empty?

Coming up next…the poem “Empty”


by Lewis Hamilton
from the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

I’m someone who is on the go,
life should be full of fun
But deep inside I’m empty
like a convict on the run

I appear to be so happy
with people always around
Sometimes I feel so down and out
I’m dragging on the ground

There’s something here that’s missing
There has to be some more
I’m searching hard for answers,
Knocking on every door

Please help me if you can today,
my spirit’s feeling low
You may think I’m so happy
but I have misery you don’t know

For when the crowds are gone,
nobody there but me,
there’s something desperately missing
for I am so empty.

For you know that you were redeemed from your empty way of life inherited from the fathers, not with perishable things like silver or gold,
I Peter 1:18

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4 thoughts on “Are You Running On Empty?

  1. There are too many times when I’m positive I can handle something all by myself, and I have this audio loop in my head telling me over and over that God doesn’t need to be paying attention to and/or helping me to accomplish my trivial goal. I have no problem asking for assistance when I know I’m in over my head, but He has better things to do than handle a “bad hair day” type of issue. God has always spoken to me through my children. So many times when a situation snowballs a bit out of control I will come to the realization that I probably should have talked my plans over with God before I began, instead of waiting until I was “running on empty”! And the other day I heard my Granddaughter asking for help with something I have seen her do a bunch of times with great success. I smiled and gladly joined with her. Then I became curious enough to ask why she needed assistance with a task she is capable of handling. She didn’t even have to think about an answer, it rolled right off her tongue. “It’s more fun to do stuff when you’re around, Grandma. And sometimes you have better ways of doing things.” I thought about that as I was re-playing the day in my head while falling asleep. It is more fun to do stuff when the presence of God can be felt. I would imagine He feels happy to be included too. As a matter of fact, I’ll bet the ranch on it!

  2. I love your comment Dian! God as our heavenly father surely feels like we would when we are dealing with our children! His love for us is so enormous that it makes perfect sense that he would want to be included in all of the details of our life! Excellent point!

  3. You are very kind and I thank you so much. The topics you choose and the way you present them is really nice because the words just seem to fit like a key that unlocks a thought or feeling inside and allows it to get light and grow. For that and a bunch of other reasons, I thank you., my friend!

  4. LOL–I used to do the same thing with my gas tank when I was young Lewis and I ended up running out of gas many times before I learned! Now that I am older, I never let the gauge get that low in the car or spiritually, But, many people never learn or even think to learn–it is so true, especially spiritually. I know some people who are “on empty” spiritually. It is very sad for they could have so very much more if they only asked God to “fill them up” ! Blessings to you daily Lewis.

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