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Thoughts about “Fast Food Christianity”

I have a phrase that I write in books if I’m asked to sign one.  It is a phrase that encompasses what this book is all about and is my wish for all of you!  The phrase is “May your hearts garden always be in the Master Gardener’s hands”  The wonderful news is it can be!  It’s totally up to you and I!  Are we willing to stop putting ourselves first and give God total control of our lives?  Chapter I “The Weeds” is  poems about “weeds”, things that get in the way of our relationship with God.

Are you wondering where this thing is going and how can someone who is hurting get comfort from reading poems about weeds?  I’ve found that comfort comes from knowing the big picture!  Yes, circumstances have hit us like a hurricane and we feel like we are hanging on to a tree while the winds gust all around!  We are wondering if we can hang on much longer!  The good news is that God knows where we are and what we need!

These poems in chapter 1 are not easy for us to hear at times.  They spotlight how we try to go our own way and how our efforts end up in failure.  Only by putting our complete faith in The Gardener to fix our garden can we truly have success!  It is comforting to know that there is a solution out there!  However, as you will see in the poems ahead there are many lessons to be learned!

Fast Food Christianity is a poem about how we like everything in our lives to be fast!  Think about the internet, a plane trip, and of course a stop at a  favorite fast food restaurant!  Usually things move fast, as we expect it should!  If things slow down somebody will hear about it!  In all of our fast paced lives, one thing that shouldn’t be fast is our walk with God!  It is a walk with God, not a sprint with God!   When you think about fast food you don’t think about how good it is for you.  Fast food gives us something and does it quick! Yet fast food isn’t the answer to our nutritional requirements and  “Fast Food Christianity” will not satisfy our spiritual needs!

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The Americanized Gospel

by Lewis Hamilton
from the book
“The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

We’ve Americanized the gospel
I’m standing in your line
Give me this day my daily bread
and get it here on time

Not your will, oh Lord my God
But give me my will I pray
Bless the things that I decide
Then get out of the way

I love my movies and my games
How about that M-TV!
Lord, I know you don’t always approve
but please, just let me be

My money is so hard to get
I hope it’s not a sin
Instead of tithing what I should
I stick a dollar in

I know I should pray to you more,
your face I should seek
You know, oh Lord how rushed I am
so I’ll pray once a week

My bible sits on the table there,
it almost looks brand new
There are so many books to read
and read the bible too?

I like my gospel nice and hot
I’ll name and claim my prize
I’ll gather all my blessings
as they fall down from the sky

When life is done for me, oh Lord
I’ll give you all of me
As for now don’t ask too much
I’m in a big hurry

I’ll squeeze you in at dinnertime,
on Sunday mornings too
Please make it quick if you call me
I have a lot to do.

corresponding passage II Timothy 3:2-4

The Gardener and My Garden

By Lewis Hamilton…
From the book The Gardener and My Garden c1997

The Gardener stopped by
the other day
to look at my flowers
in his usual way

But I told him my flowers
were fine and ok
and he should look at
other gardens today

I said there are yards
with no flowers at all
and the last time I looked
my flowers were tall

But the gardener kept asking
in his own gentle way
Let me take a good look
of your garden today

I told him again
that my garden was fine
You may look it all over
but it’s a waste of your time

He said with compassion
in his own gentle way
Let me look at the growth
of your flowers today

So he studied my flowers
that seemed to be fine
He examined the soil
for such a long time

He rose up quickly
and with a swift pace
He walked over to me
there was hurt on his face

There are weeds in your garden
he finally sighed
His eyes met mine slowly
and for a moment he cried

How can a good garden
with flowers so fine
become so neglected
in such a short time?

I told you to water
these beautiful plants
and use some weed killer
so weeds have no chance

To come in between them
and take up their space
Now you have killer weeds
all over the place

Oh those I said quickly
There was a surprise tone
I was hoping Mr. Gardener
we could leave those alone

You see I’d kind of like
to keep those old weeds
and I think their ok there
so on your way please

There was hurt in his voice
and tears in his eyes
He spoke very firmly
Your flowers will die

I give you this warning
Now please, please take heed
There cannot be flowers
in the midst of these weeds

Yes make now your choice
I give you my oath
You can have either flowers
or weeds, but not both.

No one can serve two masters
Matthew 6:24

Chapter 1 The Weeds

Do not love the world or anything in the world.  If anyone loves the world the love of the father is not with him.

I John 2:15

The Gardener and My Garden (the book)

book cover
A Christian Poem Book 140 poems that will touch your heart!

The Gardener represents Jesus and the Garden represents our hearts.  As we give the Gardener control over our heart he is able to do some wonderful things in our lives!  However there are many obstacles on the way and most of them are caused by our unwillingness to give him everything.  We constantly give control to him only to take it back.  The weeds are whatever gets in the way of our relationship to God.  The weeds don’t have to be bad things.   However, when we let those things get in the way of our daily walk they become weeds in our garden.!  Our weeds must be constantly taken care of or they destroy the garden.  I hope that you will follow me on the path through life’s struggles, failures, confrontations, and victories on our way through the poetry of The Gardener and My Garden!

Lighten Up Your Load

By Lewis Hamilton

From the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

Sometimes it’s hard to understand
how God can be so kind
He blesses in so many ways
it almost blows my mind

Perhaps it is a special friend
or something I will read
To give me strength to run the race
and faith that I will need

This book is meant to help you too
as you travel your life’s road
My prayer is he will use these poems
to lighten up your load

Carry each others burdens, and in this way
you will fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6:2

The Gardener and My Garden

On September 1, 1992 our daughter Rebecca died of spinal meningitis, a disease that struck her over a weekend and took her from us quickly.  We  met a pastor during our time of grief and started attending his little church.  During a sermon about fresh fire I felt in my spirit that I was supposed to write a poem about the topic.  In the next 4 years or so poems started coming to me while in prayer, asleep, or during a sermon.  It felt like a way God was comforting me during this time of grief and questioning.  As the poems accumulated someone from the church stated that I should write a book!    The book was really already written at that point.  I went through the poems and made up 4 chapters.  Ironically there are four poems about The Gardener and My Garden which I had titled one through four.  With each chapter came all of the poems that related to that particular Gardener poem.  It pieced together so smoothly that I knew that only the Lord could put something so beautiful together and I was thankful that I was his instrument!  So that was the beginning of the book that was printed and shared with family, friends, friends of friends, and so many I never knew before.  Now I’m feeling it is the time to share this with you and the many people out there who may need help with the load they are carrying!

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