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The After the Super Bowl Blues!

I was reading that over 111 million people watched the Super Bowl!  So many of us make a big day of it!  We have our Super Bowl parties and prepare our Super Bowl food and drinks!  Since the pregame shows are on so many channels, we cannot miss watching a few of them!  Everyone seems to have a prediction and everyone is very excited for the BIG GAME to finally begin!  It is a huge buildup!  We’ve watched and rooted all of the regular season and through the playoffs!  Now there are only two teams left.  Fans of other teams choose one of the two finalists.  If you happen to have followed and been a fan of one of them you are in football heaven!  You may even be anxious to watch the commercials and see the half time show! Those events can be almost as big as the game itself!  The Super Bowl is the biggest one day sports event in our country! It is the “most important” thing happening! But by 10 pm eastern time the game is over!  The roller coaster ride begins to slow down and makes a sudden stop! The winning team is thrilled beyond belief and the losing players feel like they have been hit by a truck!  That is how it goes in this winner take all game called the Super Bowl!

Wilson throwing

So now the game is over!  The Patriots have won and are the World Champions!  Patriot fans are ecstatic! There are the after game interviews and the countless replays of key plays. The Seahawks are shell shocked!  They are reliving the key plays that they could have or should have made  that could have made the difference.  That is the story every year as only one team and one city can celebrate a World Championship!!

The Super Bowl is the climax of the NFL season!  Next week many will suffer from the After the Super Bowl Blues.  It’s true, millions of us who are hooked on football literally have a withdrawal.  It’s like a smoker who can’t have a cigarette!  For the players it is a chance to rest and heal their tired and hurt bodies.  For them at least there is the handsome salaries they receive! For many die hard football fans there’s only a big letdown! Gone until the start of the next season is that thing that was enjoyed so much!  Gone is that 3 hours on a Sunday that cares of the world could be forgotten! Oh yes, the addiction is real! The question asked frequently at this point is, What am I going to do now that the football season is over?  Hopefully for some of us it is a time to think about the important things in life!

Here are some questions I have for you.   Who won the Super Bowl 5 years ago?  Who won the Super Bowl 3 years ago?  Who were the MVP’s of those games? Fame in this world is very fleeting!  What seemed like the most important thing in the world at the time has now turned into a trivia question you will probably have to Google to find the answer!   Sometimes it takes fulfilling your worldly dreams to realize how empty they are!

Joe Gibbs was a football coach for the Washington Redskins.  He was very successful as his Super Bowl titles can attest!  During his first stint in the NFL he coached the Redskins for 12 seasons and led them to eight playoff appearances, four NFC Championship Titles, and three Super Bowl victories! Yet he came to a point in his life after he reached the highest summit where he became very dissatisfied!  In football as in all sports it isn’t what you did yesterday he discovered, it’s what can you do tomorrow?  Joe got to the point where he felt very empty and lost even as everyone thought he was happy and successful!  Joe found fulfillment in his life only when he gave it to the Lord and asked him to direct it!

The next poem is called “The Search”.  This poem was inspired by an old interview I saw with Pete Maravich in the 1980’s.  Pete was one of the most storied basketball players in the history of the game!  He seemingly had everything going for him and yet he was seriously missing the very essence of what would make him happy.   While most people wished they could have the fame and fortune he had obtained, Pete was sick of life and was trying everything in his search for answers. He had hoped that he would be taken away by aliens!  That illustrates how mixed up he was!  One time he was getting beat up in a bar parking lot and literally wished the guy would kill him! He tried things like changing his diet to everything and anything he thought might solve his search for meaning.  Pete’s  search for happiness and meaning went on for years.   One day it ended when he  accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior!  For the last few years of his life he was a ball of fire for the Lord!  When he collapsed and died while playing a pickup game of basketball at the age of only 40 it  seemed like God was telling him, you searched and searched and you found the answer!  Your work is now over and it was well done! Come with me and delight in your reward!

Are you or will you go through the After the Super Bowl Blues?  Maybe the reason is that you are like Joe and Pete were. Maybe your emphasis is entirely on the here and now.  Maybe you are starting to realize that worldly things such as money, fame, family, personal achievements,  or even football won’t satisfy what you really need! Maybe you are in a desperate search for the real meaning of life like Pete Maravich.  Pete found what he was searching for!  Will you?

Coming up next   the poem   “The Search”

The Search

by Lewis Hamilton
From the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

I was searching for God
so I went where he should be
I found the biggest church
but his face I didn’t see

I turned the TV on,
a man was saying a long prayer
He spoke his words right on cue
but I didn’t find God there

I followed religious rituals,
maybe that would be the key
to turn the lock of his door
where he would surely be

My search led me to people,
I was open for advice
Some thought my search was senseless,
Others were quite nice

I tried to find God within myself
by changing what I’d eat
There was still so much emptiness
for God I didn’t meet

Finally I tried something new
I got down on my knees to pray
I tried to think of what I felt
but didn’t know what to say

While on my knees I called Oh God
I’m searching hard for you
and I can’t find you anywhere
I don’t know what to do

I heard a voice, oh so small
that said, I’ll show you me
Just look around creation
I’m here for you to see

I made all things both big and small
to let you see my love
Meet me right here where you are
by praying to me above

Don’t look for me with human eyes,
your faith opens the door
Ask and I will live in you
and you will search no more.

I love those who love me, and
those who seek me find me.

Proverbs 8:17


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