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The Escape Door to the Cave

I love my lights and having my house nice and warm! I love my refrigerator keeping things cold and my TV working when I need it! It seems odd to say these statements. They are so obvious that your thinking doesn’t everybody? Yet, when we get a storm and lose our electricity I realize how much I depend on modern things! Without heat, light, TV, the computer, a cold refrigerator, the stove, and a list that keeps going, I am not a happy or comfortable camper! I’m so relieved when the power comes back on!  I’m very glad that I live in a time when we have all of these modern conveniences! I’m very thankful that Thomas Edison came along! Benjamin Franklin too for that matter! Along with everyone else that helped make life so much better for us today!

Even though most of us have some type of modern conveniences we can find ourselves in darkness and without warmth when it comes to our spiritual life. Just as that storm may have disconnected some wires in our physical world, life’s toils may have disconnected the power source with our spirit also! Some of us  have never found the source to our spiritual power while others have been disconnected by the storms of life!   Either way we find ourselves in a cold, dark state of existence!

The next poem is called “The Cave”. A cave is a cold, damp, and dark place that is very unsettling. I’ve heard stories of people visiting caves and the guide may just for a few seconds have the lights turned off. It only takes that few seconds to realize just how dark things are and how panicky and fearful you can become! Imagine living in a place like that. I think God gave me this poem to make it clear in my earthly mind what he sees in the spiritual. Drugs, crime, violence, and hate are all part of the cave experience. Deep depression and suicide occurs in the cave too.

The cave is also home to many Christians who have turned off the power source in their lives. There are times when we feel lost and forsaken.  There are times when God feels so far away.  When we are having the cave experience it is easy to point our finger as to why we are there.  It’s a lonely existence when we remember how nice it was to be in a nice warm place with all of the conveniences!  Sometimes when we find ourselves in the cave, we just stay there.  The good news is we don’t have to!  Just as we originally found a way out of that dark cold place, the escape door is still there!  Make the call to Jesus!  He will reconnect you back to the power source and lead you out of that dark, cold cave!

The Cave

by Lewis Hamilton
from the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

It’s lonely in the cave tonight,
it’s cold and damp and gray
I’m hungry, thirsty and so run down
I’ll die in here they say

My friends come and see me here
I beg them all to stay
Oh no, they call as they retreat
We know a better way

I’ve blamed the church, the pastors too,
for helping me to fall
I’ve blamed my friends and enemies
Oh Lord, I’ve blamed them all

When I ran out of people
to point my finger at
I pointed up to heaven
He was the dirty rat

But in that cave I cried one day,
Lord if you really are,
how can I feel so forsaken
and why are you so far

Away from me in all my trials
and troubles here below?
My life has no meaning here
I’m empty as you know

I heard the wind a howling
the earth began to shake
I said, Lord are you really real
or is this all a fake?

In all of the commotion
when I thought he could be near,
I waited as it thundered
but my God did not appear

As I sat in that damp, dark, cave
without reason and or rhyme
A still small voice spoke oh so clear,
I was with you all the time

You will on some days stumble
and crawl along the way,
but I will pick you up again
until you’re home to stay

And yes, there will be valleys
that you will wander through,
but take my hand and hold on tight
and I will see you through

Then he took my hand and led me on
right out of that cold place
I looked and there I saw the Son
with a smile upon his face

Now go and tell the world out there
about the place you’ve been
How you’ve been raised from the dead
and brought to life again

Tell them when they die like you
and they’re at the place you’ve been,
I will touch them with my hand
and raise the dead again.

Jesus, once more deeply moved,
came to the tomb. It was a cave
with a stone laid across the entrance.
When he had said this, Jesus called
in a loud voice, “Lazarus come out!”

John 11:38 & 43

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2 thoughts on “The Escape Door to the Cave

  1. Very good Lewis. I am very thankful I am in the light and do pray for those who are not that Jesus will lead them out. Thanks for sharing this. Blessings. Leona

  2. Cyndi Revis on said:

    Lewis, that was wonderful. And the poem so very beautiful. I’m going to send it on to my friends. Thanks so much for sharing

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