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Paying the Price for ?

A price to pay

Last night I went to the gym. As I was driving home I realized that I didn’t have my membership identification card. I frantically called the place just as they were closing. The guy put me on hold and came back a few minutes later with news that he wasn’t able to find my I.D. I will go back when they open and re-trace my steps and hopefully find it. If not I will have to pay $25 for replacement costs. Replacing an I.D. is easy. You fill out a form,they take your picture, and you have a new I.D. Doesn’t seem like $25 worth of work.

Some things should be free

This experience has got me thinking about things that aren’t worth what we pay for them. Some things just don’t seem like we should be paying for them at all. Things like water for instance. Yet bottled water is the second most bought beverage behind pop. Another thing that bugs me is buying air at the gas station. Even though it is usually only 25 cents, if anything should be free it should be air!

Overpriced and still going strong

The following items seem overpriced and should be avoided if at all possible. College textbooks, theater popcorn, greeting cards, printer ink, razor blades, brand name clothing, event parking, ATM fees, hidden fees for investments (the ones you see as you scan your monthly account statement), weddings, funerals, and cigarettes (you can’t even die or kill yourself cheaply).

When you don’t get what you deserve

Years ago we hired a lawn service. Our next door neighbors lawn and ours comprised a golf course look. The problem was he had the nice fairway and we had the rough. One day the lawn service came by to spray their monthly chemicals and we weren’t home. The neighbor across the street told me that the guy sprayed the front yard and left. We were paying for both the front and the back yards. When I confronted the company about it they said that their guy couldn’t figure out how to get to the back yard. If our neighbor had not been paying attention, we would have never known that only half of the job was completed. After that inept service we decided to not renew and have never had their service again.

They think you won’t know

Another time we were taking advantage of a coupon deal from a local garage. Free tire balancing and rotation with the purchase of an oil change. When we got the car home we noticed that the tires were not rotated or balanced. The reason we could tell was that one tire on the back was very low going in. We noticed that the same tire was still low and it had not been rotated.  I have also been told that labor charges on cars are sometimes charged from the time the car is on the rack, not the amount of time your car is actually getting worked on!

The price of my time

We had an incident last year with an oil changing from a different company. We took the car in and the attendant looked over his schedule. “We can have you done in an hour”, he stated. It seemed like a long wait, but we decided we would walk to the local coffee place. After over an hour we came back and our car was still sitting where we parked it. We went to a store within walking distance and came back another hour later. Still our car was sitting right where we parked it.  At that point we were thinking about leaving.  However, after all of the time invested we decided to wait. We waited another hour until finally they pulled our car in. Ten minutes later we had our car back in maybe the longest wait for an oil change in history.  Afterwards the guy was trying to apologize as we were walking out the door. “Sorry about the wait”, he said. “We had a brake job that took more time than we thought and your car was delayed”.  No mention of a coupon for next time, nor a statement like “this one is on us”.  I was speechless as we left and decided never to give that place our business again!

A company actually outsmarted itself!

One time I think a company outsmarted itself! I discovered on a hot summer day that my windows would not go down. As you can imagine it was a major problem for a car whose air conditioner wasn’t working either. I took it into this business and three hours later I received a call. “Your wiring is all messed up. There are broken wires and tangled wires etc.” You are going to need a complete wiring overhaul. He quoted me a price of $525.00. I told him that I would pick up the car without repair. I headed over without hesitation and took the car home. Later I had to go to the store. I got so hot that instinctively I pushed on the button for the window. To my happy surprise the window went down. I tried the other windows and they all worked! I figure that the business must have repaired my wires (one might have become disconnected) and decided to charge me big time. The only thing that saved me was that I didn’t opt for their repair. At that point it was probably too late to undo what they did.

Here is my wallet

A couple of weeks ago I saw a commercial from a phone company. I don’t remember the name of the phone company, so the commercial failed.  I do remember  a mystery person taking a guys wallet and emptying it for expenses he owed a generic rival phone company.  It was filled with big bills and he took most of them! Actually taking is not the word I should use.  The victim was on the phone and just casually handed the mystery person his wallet.  He wasn’t surprised or startled at all, when he was handed an almost empty wallet back. We have become so conditioned to higher prices that we don’t flinch either.  We just figuratively hand over our wallets!

You will count the cost

You may wonder how you can avoid these expensive expenses?  The answer is you can’t avoid all of them.  There are times that you will need an item on the list or other expensive items I failed to mention.  You will need to pay a premium price!  You will pay it because you will have counted the cost and decided that having the item at that price is worthwhile.

God’s price wasn’t free

When Jesus came and died for our sins he made salvation free to us.  The free part creates a problem in our thinking, because of how we are conditioned. We are taught that if it is free it is cheap.  Yet, we have to realize that the price was not free!  Jesus paid an enormous price, his life.  The gift to us is free, like someone buying a mansion and telling you that they put it in your name!

He counted the cost and gave his gift anyway

Jesus fills in the question mark in my title because he paid the price for us!  We wonder at times, where is our money going? Jesus knew exactly what he was paying for!  He counted the cost and decided to pay it!  His gift is more valuable and precious than any gift we have or ever will receive! It is a gift we should embrace, accept, and be thankful for because it was bought with his blood.  Although the gift is free to us, it is very valuable, worth more than all of the money in the world!

Found: Missing I.D

As a footnote to this story I went back to the gym today and found my I.D.  I guess everything happens for a reason and the reason for my temporarily lost I.D  seems to be the story you just read!

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3 thoughts on “Paying the Price for ?

  1. Thank you for this post. I have had many similar experiences. Thanks again for posting!

  2. Great writing, Lewis!

  3. Yes, I surely agree with what you are saying Lewis! Especially about the value of our time, which a lot of companies take for granted, as we wait to connect with their customer service via phone. That seems to be my greatest annoyance!
    Well, as you said…I if you hadn’t lost your I.D. you most likely wouldn’t have written this great post! So, all things did work together for good! Many adverse experiences I have had have helped me to write helpful articles also.
    Blessings to you daily my friend. –Leona

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