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Rules, Evolution and a Painting…Imagine that

It used to be that the Easter holiday was talked about openly.  We used the word Easter just as we used the word Christmas.  “Have a nice Easter”, we offered.  In the politically correct world that we live in now, someone might take offense to us wishing them a nice Easter.  Someone may not like being told to have a nice Christmas.  Now we have to say have a nice holiday or just have a nice weekend.  Speaking of Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny seems to be okay as long as we don’t bring Jesus Christ into the equation. The rules have changed but are we better off?

The score was 19-14 in favor of the Chicago Bears on this September 12, 2010 game with the Detroit Lions.  Shaun Hill,  the Lions backup quarterback was leading his team down the field.  With 31 seconds left and the ball on the Bears 25,  Hill went back to throw.  A looping pass was thrown into the end zone of which Calvin Johnson,  the Lions wide receiver,  out-jumped Zack Bowman of the Bears for an apparent touchdown!  Johnson caught the ball came down rolled on the ground holding the ball in the air and appeared to be ready to spike the ball.  At that moment the ball came out of his hands.  Touchdown ruled one of the officials.  The other official ruled incomplete pass.  There was a controversy and the replay was reviewed.  The announcer and the commentator were both sure that the decision would be overruled and the Lions would be ahead in mere moments.  The decision came back, incomplete pass;  and after 2 more plays the game was over.  Apparently the controversy came about because of a new rule.  Players used to be able to dive after balls and catch them in the air over the goal line for touchdowns.  Many times the player would hit the ground and the ball was dislodged.  Touchdown was the ruling because the ball was over the goal line and the player had possession.  The new rule stated that the player had to complete the process and control the ball all the way through the play.  Because of this new rule which was made because of these diving plays,  Johnson’s touchdown was disallowed.

Recently we had our taxes prepared.  As always there was an accounting of everything we did financially for the 2011 year.   It is an interesting process.  Sometimes things need to be accounted for that we had forgotten about.  Other times we remember some item and hope that it doesn’t have a major effect.  We do our best to have all of the information with us, so that the accounting goes easier.  Our information was almost the same for 2010 as it was for 2011.  However, we found out that there was a tax rules change which resulted in a big difference in a negative way to our bottom line.

Image result for tax form photo

I want to skip forward to another proposed rule change.  It was suggested years ago in a song by former Beatle John Lennon.  In his song Imagine, he suggested that we “imagine there’s no heaven.”  He goes on…”It’s easy if you try, no hell below us, above us only sky…Imagine all the people, living for today.”  The chorus to the song goes, “You may think that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.  I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” I would like to take a little bit of time to analyze the words he chose.  “Imagine there’s no heaven”  Okay if we have no heaven we have no God.  Because the Bible tells us that God lives in Heaven.  There is no Jesus because he is sitting on the right hand of God in heaven.  There are no angels since they also reside in heaven.  There is no eternal life since that was promised in a place called heaven.  There is no salvation because if Jesus never existed he didn’t die for our sins.  After we die it’s all over which is exactly what he suggested as we can see by the words “imagine all the people living for today”.  There is no right or wrong because we have eliminated evil and good.  We might as well eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we will die.  Would you really want to live in a world where people were just living for today without any consequences for tomorrow?

I remember first hearing about the concept in a 9th grade biology class.  The theory of evolution was being taught in the schools at that time even though some of us were opposed to it.  I wrote an article in the schools newspaper against what was being taught.  Obviously it didn’t help because the theory has continued in our schools.  When asked for equal time for the creation theory the teacher just said, “well the creation theory is that God created everything.” Then he would start again on the evolution way of thinking.  Sometimes so called truth was thrown into the equation.  Well the earth is millions or billions of years old.  Oh really?  Who said?  I googled how long man has been on earth and someone said scientists believed 90 million years.  According to the Bible man has only been here around 6,000 years.  Since living to 100 years is a long long time for any of us nobody can rightfully answer my question.

I’m going to present a case for creationism and I’ll ask you to imagine also.  Imagine that you went into the woods and you noticed a beautiful painting.  You don’t see any brushes or art tools around.  What you can’t get your eyes off of,  however, is how beautiful this painting is!  It is a detailed picture of a sunset, or a brook, or the mountains — whatever you can imagine.  You analyze the situation.  You could conclude that somehow someway all of these colors and beautiful expressions of talent had miraculously just came about.  Somehow maybe there was some paint around and the wind blew and amazingly it found it’s way on the canvas.  That would take a lot more faith than anyone could truly have.  Since only a fool would believe such a wild  conclusion, you dismiss this thought in a second.  How did this beautiful work get here?  You can only come to one clear solution —  Someone has taken a lot of time and carefully painted this picture.

The Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.   People can find Christ today just like they did hundreds of years ago.  We don’t have to worry about God changing the rules and making it harder.  As for the painting, we all come across this painting every day of our lives.  It is the beauty of the earth and all of the creatures on it.  Can anyone truthfully say that you really believe that this beautiful world we live in just came together?  I didn’t think so!  My hope is that these words will strengthen your faith as you celebrate Easter.  If you don’t celebrate Easter my prayer is my version of Lennon’s misguided song “I hope you all will join us, so we can live in Him as one!”


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