Come with me on a spiritual Journey!

Bless Me Lord

I have my membership card today
as I come to talk to you
The bless me club has benefits
so here’s my list for you

Lord give me of prosperity,
let troubles pass me by
so things run nice and smooth
until the day I die

I ask you Lord, bless my ideas,
my request here I will lay
so you will see my reasoning
and stamp it A-OK.

Bless also all my family
I know this is legit
It’s right here in this policy
that it’s a benefit

Now I’ll coast through the rest of life
then drive up to your gate,
having my card all ready
there shouldn’t be a wait

I discovered as the days went by
there were problems with my card,
for instead of being nice and smooth
my life was bouncing hard

I called up to the Lord real loud,
Lord, things aren’t getting through
Send someone down to make it right
so I am blessed by you

The Lord spoke to me gently,
In this life you have a choice
You can be in the bless me club
or listen to my voice

I want so badly to use you
but your thinking is in the way
Become an empty vessel
that I can use today

As you listen to my voice today
right here on bended knee
you’ll hear me pleading with you
take up your cross and follow me.

Then he said to them all: “If
anyone would come after me, he
must deny himself and take up
his cross daily and follow me.”

Luke 9:23

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3 thoughts on “Bless Me Lord

  1. Lord, remember me! Renewing my membership with the “Bless me Club”
    Bless you Lewis! for this blessing renewal reminder!

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