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When God Looks Down From Heaven

by Lewis Hamilton
From the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

Lord, when you look down
from heaven above
do you see me spreading
your gospel with love?

When you look in my heart
is it pleasing to you
or has it been blackened
by things that I do?

Am I helping others
when you look down to see
or are my actions designed
to promote only me?

Am I senselessly arguing
throughout the day
stepping on others
so I’ll get my way?

Your eyes are upon me
for you never sleep
You care about all
your little sheep

I want to please you,
help me walk in your light
When you see me I pray
I’ll be doing what is right

When tempted with sin
help me stand and not fall
Thank you for having
your eyes on us all

Give me strength, Lord
to walk upright each mile
so when you look down
you will see me and smile

Make me holy, Lord
not one day but all seven
so you will be pleased
when you look down from heaven.

From heaven the Lord looks
down and sees all mankind,
from his dwelling place he
watches all who live on earth

Psalm 33:13-14

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