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What Are You Waiting For?

What are you waiting for? Christmas? Well as a little kid that is exactly what I was waiting for! Picking up wrapped presents and trying to figure out what they were was always an exciting time. Never could seem to get that right. I remember the excitement and how hard it was to get to sleep the night before! We couldn’t wait for morning to come, but it was so hard to wait! Eventually we would fall asleep, but only long enough to get a required amount. On more than one occasion my sister and I were up at the break of dawn. My sister would leave coffee and doughnuts out for Santa. She was pleased when the next morning they were gone! Good ole Santa never passed up a doughnut I guess. He wasn’t concerned about slimming down! As we looked into the living room that was still dark we could see shadows of presents Santa had left! Mom and dad would have a few presents that they didn’t wrap. They would have them sitting out. Those were the gifts that Santa brought! Nothing could start though until mom and dad got up. Luckily for us they would get up early when they heard us stirring around!

I saw someone the other day waiting around the microwave waiting for their coffee to warm up. The thought occurred to me that we spend a lot of time during a normal day just waiting. They say that if you live 70 years 3 years of it will be just waiting. Waiting for what? Graduation, an answer to your house offer or counter offer, weddings, a baby to be born, the diagnosis, an operation to get over, and someone to die are serious waits.

Then there are your normal every day waits. The bank and grocery line. Speaking of the bank line I’m reminded of the old Candid Camera episode where they made whatever line the guy was in stop. Eventually he would get in the other line and his line would stop and the line he got out of started moving swiftly. It was a very frustrating experience for the victims! We also wait for the laundry, the big game, the school day or work day to end, gas prices to lower, gas to pump, traffic signals, restaurant orders, the phone to ring, to wake up and the snooze alarm to go off again, the computer (that seems like a big one during every workday), the right time (which usually is never quite right), the weekend (funny how fast that goes by), the bus, your plane, the dreaded telephone hold (not quite as bad if they play music, the dead hold is the worst), the wait for someones busy signal to ring (when people had dial up internet this was a major problem)

Then there are the scary waits. The cop to give you a ticket (as his lights are going off and he is back there in his car), the dentist (ever notice how loud the drill is for the patient before you?)

How about the anticipation type of waits. Lets see there is New Years Eve and waiting for midnight. Waiting for the trip to end (and if you have kids you will hear the Are we there yet?)

Waits for the final bill on expensive services such as car repairs, medical bills, funeral expenses, lawyer fees, and many others.

Finally we have the long term waits. Wounds to heal, flowers to grow and bloom, grass to grow, the summer, retirement (which could be a long wait), birthdays (16, 21 and 65 are big ones), the big job call, your investment to grow (and hopefully not decrease), your tax refund (which hopefully isn’t already spent.)

With all of the waiting that we do it is easy to get into the waiting frame of mind. Instead of making decisions it is so much easier to wait. Let’s not jump into anything. Sometimes it’s a good thing to wait when people try to pressure us into things. Other times a quick decision is needed. By hesitating we lose our opportunity. The great stock tip doesn’t last forever. The guy who doesn’t share his true feelings may find his future wife has found someone else. Sometimes we become like the deer in the headlights, we freeze. There are times in life when we know what we should do, but we wait. Jesus has his gift of salvation out there and he is waiting for you to accept it. What are you waiting for? Christmas? Don’t you realize that Christmas is already here?

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3 thoughts on “What Are You Waiting For?

  1. I love this Lewis. I was thinking about waiting in the grocery store the other day. And anyone with fewer items than I had, I would let them go in front of me. I am the same way when it comes to traffic. There are certain things to patient for and most certainly God opportunities extended to us to act upon. Keep shining the light!


  2. Sharolyn Hamilton on said:

    Little Brother- This was a beautiful article once again…It is soo easy to procrastinate and wait for what? To lose our opportunity to see our love ones again? or lose our golden opportunity to live forever and ever with Jesus? I hope that everyone who reads this article will stop waiting and make that crucial decision for Christ…Love Shar

  3. Thank you for those beautiful comments! I’m reminded again that Jesus is also waiting. Waiting for whosoever will to make that decision for him! His arms are opened wide to welcome you into the kingdom!

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