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The Lonely Escape From Reality

I was talking to my son about the fact that 3 years of an average life is spent waiting as I mentioned in the last article.  He said “What about sleep?  That takes up a third of our life.”   It is true that in an average life a person sleeps 24 years.  Some experts say you need eight hours of sleep a night while others claim that six will get the job done.  Either way we need that time to give our bodies a rest from the rigors of life.  A time to relax, to escape into a dream world.  There are many benefits to a good nights sleep the experts say.  A rested body will perform better both mentally and physically.

I’m thinking about dreaming now.  Dreams are a good thing.  The body rests and the brains way of resting seems to be escaping from reality.  Thinking of odd things or odd situations.  Funny how our brain comes up with all of these situations in dreams.  In dreams anything is possible!  When the dream goes bad we usually wake up.  It’s nice to be able to say “whew, glad that was only a dream!”

Unfortunately escapes from reality are not always dreams.  People try to escape with booze, drugs and so many other things.  Why do they want to escape?  Well the answer may be that they don’t feel their life has meaning or purpose.  They may be lonely or depressed.  They may feel like their problems are overwhelming.  Escaping from reality is a way to forget about the  problems.  The problem is it works for a little while.  You start to forget about your problems after a drink or two.  These other escapes be it drugs or what have you are not really escapes.  They are just ways to not think about problems for a little while.  After the drinking, drugs or other diversions are done you are still stuck with your same problems.  The unfortunate part is that you have  made your problems worse because you are not facing them.  It did feel good to not think about the problem so you end up having your diversions more often.  It’s easier and less painful living in the fantasy world and not facing reality.


One of the funnier commercials I have seen is put on by Direct TV.  It goes something like this.  “When you can’t get your cable channels you get depressed.  You go to a seminar to make you feel better.  The seminar gives you all kinds of confidence in yourself.  When you have all kinds of confidence you go to Vegas.  When you go to Vegas you lose everything.   When you have no money you have to sell your hair to a wig company.  Don’t sell your hair to a wig company, get Direct TV so you can get all of your channels!”  While this commercials example is somewhat ridiculous there is a bit of truth to it.  One thing always leads to another.

When you come to that fork in the road where you need to decide what world you want to live in consider this.  Living in a fantasy world will never solve your problems. Like I mentioned before once the fantasy ends your problems are still there.  What are you going to do?  Go back again and again into the loneliness of  escaping?

There is another answer and it’s so simple.   You can admit that you have a problem.  You can look in the mirror and decide that you would like to change.  You can pray to God for help.  The Bible says that God knows what you need even before you ask!  He is waiting to help you with your problem.  With Gods help we start dealing with problems in the real world!

I’ve heard many stories of people in jail for crimes they committed.  While in jail they come to the realization that they need Christ in their life.  They pray the sinners prayer and Christ comes into their lives.  Does that mean that they are no longer guilty for what they did?  Well the fact is many still have long prison terms to serve.  The difference however is the peace they start exhibiting in their lives.  Even in their bleak circumstances they can have joy in their hearts!


Your circumstances probably are not as bleak as the people in prison I mentioned.  Yet even if they were the answer to your problems can be found when you humble yourself and give them to God.  He knows how to handle them.  The Bible says to cast all of your cares on him because he cares for you!  This is not an escape from reality.  This is embracing reality and turning your real situation over to the God of the Universe.  Just as one thing follows another in a bad way it can also follow in a good way!  As  God gets bigger in your life your problems seem smaller!  Now you see the same problems but your not trying to deal with them alone.  You embrace the reality of God and his purpose for your life!

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3 thoughts on “The Lonely Escape From Reality

  1. Thanks Lewis. People can also attach themselves to things and once those things are gone. They don’t know who they are.

  2. The reality of God. How much comfort those words bring!

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