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A True Friend

I’ve heard that when you are rich and famous you don’t know how many true friends you have and how many people are your friends because of what you have.  I’ve also heard that if a person has 2 true friends in their lifetime they should consider themselves lucky.  Of course we all have so many more friends right?  Yet, it isn’t the quantity that counts in this case, it is the quality.  Most of us use the term “friends” loosely.  Most of the “friends” we have are merely acquaintances.  It is perfectly normal to have different levels of friendship in our lives.

A dog is considered mans best friend and for good reason.  A dogs love is unconditional.  They accept you as you are.  There is no backbiting in a dogs love (both figuratively and literally).  A dog is loyal, available, and loving no matter if you are the president or are unemployed.  I think that a dogs qualities characterizes a true friend.  It symbolizes characteristics of Gods love for us!   Maybe that is why it’s name is God backwards!

Aristotle said “a friend is a single soul in 2 bodies”.  Oscar Wilde said  “a true friend stabs you in the front”.  I’m sure there are truths to both of those statements.  A true friend is so close that they hurt when you hurt and they delight in your joy!  They stab you in the front with honesty, but it is words and advice with the intent of making you better!

Statistics show that 25% of Americans have no close friends and the average has only 2.  Consider this in deciding if you want to be a true friend.  Do you have the time?  A true friend doesn’t make excuses such as work or appointments.  When you are a true friend there is no time restraints.  If that person needs you, even if it is 3 in the morning you are willing to help!  A true friend is honest, trustworthy,  and a good listener.  A true friend is loyal.  When the whole world walks out a true friend walks in.  A true friend does not gossip about their friend and if they hear someone else doing it they quickly put a stop to it!  To be a true friend you need to be encouraging, forgiving, and loving for loves sake.  There should never be the thought of whats in it for you.  As a true friend you will support your friend even if it means hurting your own interests.  As a true friend you will be asked to stay even when the whole world turns on your friend.  You will listen sometimes without saying a word.  You will not be judgmental but will give advice from your heart.  You will allow your friend to make decisions and will support them as a friend even if you don’t completely agree.  You will laugh and cry with your friend through good times and bad.

How Did Jesus Treat Others True Friend - Quote of the Day

Someone said “I would rather have one close friend I can rely on than 100 that I can’t.”  Jesus symbolizes a true friend in that he gave up his life for his friends.  If you are one of the 25% of Americans who have no true friends you can have one in Jesus.  If you are fortunate enough to have a true friend or two add the most important one!  He accepts you as you are and helps you become the person you were meant to be!

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10 thoughts on “A True Friend

  1. Very well put. I have been through a season or two where the true friends supported me in ways beyond what I can express. The blessing of a true friend is that we go through seasons and it is a reciprocal relationship. Cool thing about Jesus… He’s always there no matter what you have done, no matter where you have been, he will take you home and he loves you.


  2. This is so true and it’s interesting that I read this post at a time where I am realizing who my “real” friends are and beginning to understand the true definition of a friend. Everyone truly needs someone that will accept them for who they are. Thank you for another insightful post!

  3. Good post, Lewis. Yes, Jesus is our forever friend. He will be there when no one else is.
    I have found in my life though, that the Lord has always provided me with at least one close true friend where ever I have lived and these true friends have been a blessing to me at different times in my life.

    Thanks and Blessings to you daily Lewis.

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  5. Every one of your posts I read, I think, “Oh this is the best one yet”! And it’s almost always true. This is the best. It’s real! It’s true! It puts things in correct order!

  6. Indeed. True friendship is invaluable.

  7. My mom always said if you have one true friend in this life you are fortunate. I have found that to be true. Jesus is a friend that sticks closer than a brother. (Proverbs 18:24) He is available 24/7.
    I feel I am doubly blessed as I have a true earthly friend and Jesus!
    Thanks for another great post Lewis!

  8. I am one whose life has been sorrounded by meaningful friends. I have been supported and prayed for and loved unconditionally by true friends. I identify so much with King Solomon’s statement in Provebs that, “Keep friends, even your father’s friends”. And indeed Jesus is a Friend for Keeps! Thanks for sharing this story my friend!

  9. cindyparish60 on said:

    Yes, I have a friend like the one you describe! I also have a friend in Jesus! I praise Him daily for His loving care and the blessings He bestows. Thank you, Lewis, for this timely reminder that we should treasure our friends every day. God Bless you as you minister through your stories!

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