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Out Of A Broken Heart

by Lewis Hamilton
from the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

Good Samaritan

Out of a broken heart
came love beyond degree
Out of so much hurt
came one to bandage me

I was beaten up so badly
lying by the side
of that dusty road
with no place to hide

People passed me by
didn’t want to get involved
My wounds were so deep
problem not easily solved

He took my beaten body
and brought me to a place
where people could take care of me
I looked into his face

A face of compassion and love
he cried when he saw me
broken, weak, and helpless
and in such misery

He gave me hope to go on
when my world came to an end
He showed me by his goodness
that he really was a friend

Out of a broken heart
God sent his Son to die
He gave up all his glory
our salvation to buy

Out of a broken heart
he came to a world of sin
so I could live forever
in sweet fellowship with him.

But a Samaritan, as he traveled,
came where the man was and
when he saw him, he took pity
on him. He went to him and
bandaged his wounds, pouring
on oil and wine. then he put
the man on his own donkey,
took him to an inn and took
care of him.

Luke 10:33-34

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4 thoughts on “Out Of A Broken Heart

  1. Thank you Lewis for this great post! I’ve been reading about compassion, preparing for a testimony. This is a timely post! God bless you!!


  2. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post! This lesson on compassion by on-hands ministry is a must principle to be used by all christians.

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  4. Such a Beautiful poem, Lewis! God Bless you!

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