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The Truth Stands

What is your name please?  My name is Lewis Hamilton, My name is Lewis Hamilton, My name is Lewis Hamilton.  I Lewis Hamilton the story starts and continues as it details some special thing that I did that got notoriety.  If you are wondering what I am talking about I must be showing my age.  The show was “To Tell The Truth” and it was a game show.  There were three contestants, two fakes and the real person.  The panel of 4 people would ask the different contestants questions related to the story.  After each panel member asked questions of each contestant as time permitted they were asked to vote on which was the real person.  Usually they would have a reason why they voted as they did.  Maybe contestant number one got confused with their story and contradicted what they had said earlier.  Maybe contestant number 2 didn’t listen closely to the facts of the story and gave a wrong answer.  In every case it was a matter of the fakes remembering what they said before and being consistent with their answers.  The real person just had to answer the questions truthfully as they actually experienced the event.   Sometimes the contestants were really good in their stories and their answers fooled the panel.  In that case they won some money for every panel member they fooled.  They earned all of the money they received because it was much harder to be fake than to be real.

We all have heard the strategy in a court of law that the accused doesn’t have to testify and the fact that if they didn’t testify it shouldn’t influence your decision.  The thought that they want us to believe is that some high powered lawyer will twist the words and make the inexperienced, naive witness look bad.  In my opinion it is a sales job to convince the jurors and the public that if the accused doesn’t take the stand it doesn’t mean anything.  The jurors are always told this fact of law.  Yet as a juror how can you ignore the fact that the accused doesn’t take the stand? Why would anyone just sit there and let all of the damaging testimony of other witnesses become fact in the jurors eyes without stepping up and defending their reputation? The only logical explanation is that they are hiding something.

The O.J. Simpson case has been called “The Trial of the Century”, and for good reason.  If you were alive at that time and of an understanding age you had an opinion.  You were bombarded with the trial on TV and you saw the trial being played out on the screen daily.  If I were O.J. and I was accused of this unthinkable deed and I was innocent they couldn’t keep me off of the witness stand.  Wouldn’t I be afraid of some word twisting professional lawyer making me look bad?  My answer to that question is “Not at all!”  The reason I can be so confident is because I would know and tell the truth!  There isn’t a question the lawyer could ask that would make me look bad as long as I stuck to the truth.  In fact as testimony unfolded the jury would see that I was telling the truth.  That is because the truth is consistent.  If you are trying to cover something up and have to mix a lie or two in, the lies turn into three or four, five or six.  That is because you have to tell a lie to cover the other lie.  That is where a crafty lawyer can make you look bad.  However, if you have nothing to hide, then there is nothing anyone can uncover.  The more they try the more they will look bad as your truth will uncover the twist of their questions and their motives.  So the next time you see someone accused of something and they refuse to take the stand ask yourself why?

You have probably heard the saying “The Truth Hurts.”  Sometimes the truth does hurt if it isn’t what we really want to hear.  Because it is the truth it will shine a light on things we need to improve on.  Using the truth as a starting point we can see where we are.  There is no need to pretend things are different if we face the truth.  The only way to improve is to embrace the truth as it is now and improve to a different truth down the road!  It is far better to hear the truth and deal with it than to believe the lie.

The Bible speaks about truth and lies numerous times.  Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except by me.  John 14:6  Jesus talking about Satan in John 8:44 said “when he lies, he is speaking his native language, for he is a liar and the Father of lies.” John 8:32 states that “then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” So when you are being questioned, whether it is on a witness stand or in any other situation, answer truthfully. Remember, sooner or later the truth will be known. You don’t want to be a person found out to be fraudulent! By being truthful you will avoid many problems down the road even if the truth puts you in an unfavorable light at the time. At least if it is out there we can be free to deal with the situation. The freedom of the truth works so much better and easier than trying to remember the made up story and all of the made up details.

I’m reminded of when “To Tell the Truth” revealed the real person. The host would say “Will the real John Smith (or whoever) please stand up. Usually one would start to get up, then another and maybe they would fake a couple of more times. It was like a smoke screen for that moment, but only for that moment. Finally what always happened, was the real person stood up and the truth was revealed.



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