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Leaving A Record Behind

I almost drowned once. My family did not grow up around water. There were no swimming lessons for my sister and I. My dad was a strong swimmer. He also worked the swing shift with frequent overtime so we didn’t always see him a lot. He did own a Lot on Lake Michigan for awhile. I remember the family going there and finding his lot. I also remember going to the beach. We may have waded into the water a little ways but that was it. I remember one time my dad going way way out into the lake. I mean he was so far out that he looked very small way out there. He was a very practical man. When he went to the grocery store he knew what he wanted and he got it. As a swimmer that day he knew he wanted to go way out in the water and then swim his way back. Looking back I was in great admiration that day of his swimming abilities.

My best friend growing up was Keith who was my age. He had three brothers, two of which were a little older one was much younger. At times I would hang around with Lloyd or Wayne, the older ones also. This particular day Lloyd and I did something together and we ended up back at his house. In his back yard on the other side of the fence the neighbor had a in ground pool. They also had a pool party going on! I’m sure all of the excitement and noise made Lloyd want to be in that water. If Lloyd wanted to do something he could be very persuasive. In order to get into that pool with me around he decided that he would give me the only swimming lesson I would ever need. After all he had earned his merit badge in swimming with the cub scouts. “I’ll teach you” was his response when I reminded him I couldn’t swim. His next step was asking the neighbor lady if we could join the party. “You both are good swimmers?”, the lady asked. “Oh yeah”, Lloyd said and we were admitted. We were standing down at the shallow end and Lloyd decided the first step would be to relieve my fear of the water. “We’ll both go under the water at the same time”, he stated. It seemed kinda strange but I was willing. Plunging myself completely under the water in a quick instant. To this day I really don’t know what went wrong. All I remember is that the water had control of me. I bobbed up once, then twice in the drowning mans bob. Before I went down for the third time Lloyd picked my whole body up. He was much bigger than me in size so the feat was no big deal. Of course I was coughing and gagging and he was scolding me. “You opened your mouth didn’t you?” “You know, you could have just stood up”, he mentioned again. When he sat me down I was only in maybe chest deep. To be honest I was just glad to be alive. I didn’t remember the details and I don’t remember if he tried to continue the swimming lesson or if he just decided it was hopeless.

Records everywhere at Harvey’s!

The reason that this distant memory came to mind was the fact that it is Labor Day weekend and time for Harvey’s sale! Harvey is a guy in our town that has the biggest garage and basement sales that I have ever seen! Harvey has a sale Memorial Day weekend, Labor Day weekend, and one in the winter. He has the most extensive collection of records in the state! We are talking vinyl albums that we all used to have! All of his albums are arranged alphabetically in his basement and most are for bargain prices! Going through Harvey’s collection is like going through a large record store back in the day! You would have to be there a few hours to get close to thumbing through all that he has! If there is a group or individual that you can think of that had at least one hit record, chances are Harvey has their album! If they didn’t have a big hit Harvey still might have them. We are talking many decades too! From the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, you can find them in that basement. From the one hit wonders to the household names Harvey has them all!

Speaking of one hit wonders there is a song my wife and I used to listen to on W.I.D.R the Universities alternative music radio station many years ago. The song is titled “There’s Never Been Any Reason”, and it is by a group called Head East on their Flat As A Pancake album. My wife was very disappointed in the album because she bought it based on the one hit only to find it was the only song she liked. In the chorus the song has the lyrics “Save my life I’m going down for the last time.” It repeats that phrase many times throughout the song and thus my connections with the experience that day with Lloyd and the swimming pool.

Save My Life I’m Going Down For The Last Time

Thinking of Harvey’s astronomical collection I started to wonder. I wonder what the groups members on those albums are doing now? I wonder if they are happy all of these years later with the legacy they left. After all, their legacy in most of our eyes are what we hear when we play their albums if we play them anymore. At one time their songs were on everyone’s lips! At one time the fame of being a member of their particular band could get them so much of what the world has to offer. Yet, now most of them are just remembered by their albums that can be bought at a place like Harvey’s as memorabilia. For most we may hear their songs on the oldies radio station but that’s about it. Some have found that their lives were empty and met a tragic end. Others might do tours with their old fans reliving their youth. I’m sure that most get royalties from their old hits, but I wonder if they feel empty thinking their glory days are behind them? Wondering if what they left behind is really worthwhile?

What if we all had an album that when played would give the listener songs of the things we did that helped others in our life’s path? What if the mistakes that we made could be deleted from our album so that only the hits could be heard? When I thumb through Harvey’s albums there are times I ask myself “Who was that?” “What did they sing?” Sometimes I will recognize a song and say to myself “Oh, I didn’t know they sang that.” Other times the titles will have no meaning at all. The title “There’s Never Been Any Reason”, from the Head East album, is not the way God looks at our lives. There is a reason each of us are here! Whether we are known to everyone or not very well known at all God knows. There is an album each of us are making whether we realize it or not. By having God in control, editing the entire production, our album can be a legacy for all that follow us. It can be a living light and a testimony that inspires others on their path! Instead of being forgotten our lives and our legacy can live on in others! It would be a comforting thought to know that someone playing my album would be blessed and come to a closer walk with God after I really do go down for the last time!

Here I am at Harvey’s thinking about life’s records and what I want to be remembered for

A Man, A Plan, & Some Barren Land

The whole crazy adventure started one hot day in the Spring while I was at the flea market. The actual idea has been in my head for years. My cousin Wendell and I were very close as kids. We enjoyed spending the night at each others houses and playing ball together. My aunt had a nice garden and a lot of land. She grew tons of tomatoes and we would enjoy them on bacon and tomato sandwiches for lunch! When the ball would invariably go up into the tomato plants we were warned to be very careful. Growing those tomatoes was serious business and nobody wanted careless kids wrecking them! Wendell also cracked me up by calling them “maters” and eating them right off of the vine as someone would eat an apple.

There is something about eating a tomato that is home grown! They seem to taste just a little better! For the grower it seems there would be a couple of benefits! First they don’t have to be reliant on others for their tomatoes! Secondly and almost as important there is a certain pride in growing something and sharing them with others! I can see where it can become a productive and entertaining hobby!

My dad enjoyed growing vegetables in his garden. He would grow cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers as I remember. He was very proud to take me back in his garden when I came by and show me his plants! The love of gardening was not passed down to me. My sister enjoys it but it was never something I had the desire to do. A few years ago my friend Keith had some cherry tomatoes growing in the flower box of the building he was renting for his business. When I came by he would load me up with a bag of cherry tomatoes to take home and put in my salad. I really enjoyed those cherry tomatoes and his plants seemed to produce even more than both of us could use! One day he suggested I try planting some in my yard. I took some home and made the attempt. There were two problems. Number one I didn’t know what I was doing and number two our yard had dirt as hard as a rock. In that state of circumstances nothing was going to grow there so my feeble attempt as a tomato gardener was a failure.

So we fast forward now to my trip this spring to the flea market. I wasn’t at all looking for gardening work, but there was a lady that had tomato plants at such a steal I thought why not? I was also thinking that these were plants. That already gave me a head start! It had to be much better than just planting seeds. In my mind I would just go home, plant them in the ground, give them a little water and wait for the results! I asked her a few questions and she was very positive. She made me feel like even someone as naive about gardening as I was could be successful! I ended up buying three tomato plants from her and brought them home in their pots. One plant was for cherry tomatoes, one was called Fourth of July, and the last one was called Big Boy.

When I realized that this might be a little bigger project than what I originally thought I gave my sister a call. She knew the effort that would need to be involved and brought her Mantas tiller over. I was thinking an area at the side of the house might be a place to plant, or an area in front of the deck in the back. She thought the deck area was the best choice. It was a spot where they would get sunlight most of the time but there would be a shade time also, which she thought wouldn’t hurt them at all.

It was an extremely hot day and I was turning over the land with a shovel. Already this little project was feeling like a lot more work than I wanted. My dry hard land made me feel like nothing could possibly grow there. We had some success with the Mantas but even that thing seemed to want to rebel. When we got the thing to work it was like trying to hold down a tiger. It was literally bouncing off of the hard ground needing 2 men and a boy to hold it. After a couple of rounds the thing decided it didn’t want to work anymore. While my sister made the appropriate phone call to the company that manufactured it, I stayed out in the heat working with the thing. Once in a while it would show some life and jump into action for a few seconds. Long enough for me to grab the thing with both hands and try to wrestle it onto the gardening area. After a few seconds of the match the thing would just die out again almost like it was saying “I have no desire to plow through rocks and roots!” Yes, a nearby tree had some roots running right into my garden spot. Some of them were removed, but a few were there to stay.

With the tiller out of action we went to the local Lowe’s store and bought some potting soil. I also went to my neighbor Tom’s house to borrow a pitch fork. I have always found that if I needed any kind of yard tool Tom always had it and was happy to lend it out. However Tom was not available when I came by and his wife said that a pitch fork was one thing he didn’t have. As we were working with the tools that we had over the next few minutes Tom showed up with the fork. He identified it as a garden fork and said a pitch fork was used for bailing hay. Made perfect sense and it was exactly what was needed. After several minutes of work in the hot sun my sister had come back from her calls to the Mantas manufacturer. They would be sending her the oil that they left out of the package. It was the lubrication that the machine needed so it wouldn’t freeze up as it apparently did with us.

After several minutes more of taking out as much roots as we could we spread 3 bags of the soil we had purchased. Spreading that good soil out gave me hope that maybe we could grow something at last! My sister brought over two more tomato plants and we planted those also! Five plants went into the ground that day! Now as they say it was up to nature to take it’s course. That and me to remember to water the plants!

After maybe 3 weeks I noticed a couple of tiny tomatoes blooming on one of the vines. Each day I went out to water the plants I’d look at the new little tomatoes and studied their progress. One day maybe a week later I noticed that the two blooming little green tomatoes were gone. Apparently they were the victim of a squirrels hunger. That little incident left me upset! That squirrel took away the fruit of our labor that my little plant had produced! We have wild life running around in our back yard besides squirrels. Several times we have had deers back there. Sometimes we see rabbits hopping about. I put some cones in place to hold the plants up. Later we put some netting around the plants in an effort to keep the wild life from a quick meal. Two of the plants have tomato blooms on them as I write this! There is still time this year to realize the dream of bringing in tomatoes for my salad!

This experience with the tomato plants and my extremely small little garden has lessons we all can learn from. My initial experience of throwing seeds into the ground and hoping for success is how many of us are in our walk with God. By not preparing the ground and working our new life it dies. As we tried to prepare the new ground we found tree roots. Those can be associated with the devil who had his roots within us. Only by getting rid of those roots are we able to give our new plants a chance to become rooted and grow. It was important that we bring in some new soil for my plants. This new soil gave the plants an environment where they could grow healthy. Much like when a new Christian gets associated with new friends who will lead them down the straight and narrow way! The plants root is like God the Father, who we need to get deeply rooted into. Only when we are rooted in him do we have a chance to survive the perils of this world. The sunlight represents God the Son Jesus, who is the light of the world and his light is nourishment to our soul. Without the sunshine the plant will die, much like without Jesus we are lost as he is the bridge to the Father by his death on the cross. The water that I give the plants daily is representative of the Holy Spirit in our lives revitalizing us with a fresh anointing! Comforting us and letting us know we are cared for! The last factor in the equation is me. How much care will I put into those plants as I monitor their progress? The squirrel or other destructive animals would be represented by the devil discouraging us and stealing our joy! Taking away the fruit in our life and leaving us bitter and empty. Putting a net up to Protect my plants from harmful enemies like squirrels and rabbits is like when we pray and ask God’s protection over our lives. “Deliver us from evil” in the Lord’s prayer comes to mind. Galatians 6:9 states “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” The doing good can be associated with all of the little things I can do and God can do through me to make those tomato plants grow and become fruitful!

I’m thinking about the used to be barren land in front of my deck. It was barren for years until a new plan was born. My land didn’t have a lot of gardening history. It had become dry and barren much like peoples lives can become. But with the caring work of God and the dedication to follow him, things will not stay the same. Sooner or later others will look at the life of a person which was dry and barren and won’t believe their eyes. For that land will have a fresh growing garden, with fruit overflowing in blessings for all to enjoy!

A man, a plan, and his once barren land

Studied Long and Studied Wrong

Pool Table

For almost as long as I remember there was a pool table in our basement. At a pretty early age I learned the game. My dad and I spent countless hours trying to improve our games through the years. Even after I moved and came over to visit we would find ourselves going down the basement to play the game we loved! There were times when I took an unusual amount of time either lining a shot up or trying to figure out how to get position for the next shot. Sometimes after all of the study and detailed thinking the shot would go astray. At that point my dad would invariably say a little phrase “studied long and studied wrong.” Years ago I told my friend Steve about that saying and the other day he brought it up again. After all of these years it has stuck in his head. I won’t make the mistake of over thinking as to why he remembers this. However I think there are a couple of reasons. First of all it is a nice little rhyme. Secondly and more important there is so much truth to it!

I studied long and studied wrong

I studied long and studied wrong

What is the first piece of advice you are given when taking a multiple choice test? Usually they say “go with your first instinct.” We all have had the after the test blues. Regrettably we ponder over the answer that almost was. Our first instinct was to choose A, but then we started thinking. Maybe B or C could be right. When they give answers of both A & B or both A & C we really get confused. Out of the confusion we forget our first instinct. Somehow we are choosing between both A & C, and both A & B and our original thought is not in the equation. We are all aware of the deer in the headlights syndrome. I’m sure the deers first instinct is to run and get out of the road. But seeing the headlights they get confused and freeze.


The devil uses confusion as a tool in his arsenal. Initially Eve’s first instinct was to obey God and not touch the fruit from the tree of evil. They were told that if they ate from that tree they would surely die. “You will not die”, the devil disguised as a snake reasoned. “When you eat the fruit you will be like God knowing good from evil.” Eve was persuaded to abandon her first instinct and disobeyed God.

The disciples were on a boat without Jesus. Suddenly they saw Jesus walking on the water to join them. Peter’s initial thought was that if he kept his eyes on Jesus he could do the same. When Peter asked. Jesus said “come.” Peter started walking on the water toward Jesus. Suddenly doubt set in. His initial first instinct was replaced by fear and he took his eyes off of Jesus and sank.

The devil attacks our initial thoughts when we are first saved. “Nothing really happened to you.”, he will lie to us. “You are the same person that you have always been.”, he will continue. Somehow he will bring our old friends into the act. Often when we tell them what happened to us they will voice in with their discouragement. “It’s all fake you know”, they might say. “Look at all of the televangelists that took all of that money and spent it on themselves.” You can see how discouragement from “friends” can shake the belief right out of the new believer. They may also come out with questions that you have no answer for. “Can God make a rock he can’t lift?”, they may ask. Once again, something to distract our original instinct again!

What is the first thing they teach you in the fundamentals of sports? “Keep your eye on the ball.” We’ve made our decision, our initial conclusion has been followed. Our eye is on the ball as it sits there on the tee. Right in the middle of our swing somebody moves, or somebodies cell phone goes off, or an airplane flies over. Whatever it is it throws us off and we lose sight of the ball. We become distracted and lose focus. The same thing happens in our walk with God. Originally we may be totally confident in our first instinct, but life goes on and discouragement sets in. People start telling us that we are not good enough. They start ridiculing us on our new found faith.

When we find ourselves in the world of doubt and question all of our initial thoughts we need to remember this. We as Christians don’t have all of the answers. It is a walk of faith. In time we will know all things, but now our view is limited and unclear. Our initial decision of following God was the right one. God has made a way for all people to get to Heaven. The saying goes “God said it, I believe it, that settles it.” Settle it in your own heart today and quit over thinking! Our job, here on earth, is not to question how the plane works, our job is to get on board as we travel to where God wants us!

I can still remember those days and nights of playing pool in the basement. I didn’t always study long and study wrong. There were times that I ran the whole table quickly and accurately. When I got in that mindset I played with confidence going by my first instinct. I remember my dad smiling in admiration at my accomplishment much like our heavenly father does when we accept his love as a child without question or doubt.

Of Golf And God

It seemed like an almost perfect golf shot in my golf world. It was straight down the middle and maybe 220 yards. For me and most other people that is very acceptable. Yet when we drove the cart toward the path of the ball we discovered a stream running directly over the fairway maybe 10 feet wide. My ball was nowhere to be found as the hazard ate it. Many times I have hit the ball crooked and felt like I deserved any trouble I found myself in. Yet here this shot seemed so perfect. It didn’t seem fair that my ball was lost and a penalty stroke was needed. There is a course here in town that had a similar issue. Hitting an almost perfect drive right down the center of the fairway you could find yourself behind a tree. That’s right, someone had planted a tree in the middle of the fairway! This tree was there for years and I’m sure was the brunt of many a curse word throughout time. One morning workers at the golf course noticed something very strange. That tree that was the enemy of thousands of golfers throughout the years was discovered laying dead in the fairway. I mean literally laying there the victim of a middle of the night sawing. I guess a golfer having been victimized once too often by the giant with the big trunk and long branches had decided to take the law into their own hands. Climbing over the fence at 3 or 4 in the morning towing their chainsaw, the deed was accomplished. While many of the adjacent neighbors slept through it I can imagine someone waking up from the roaring of the saw wondering what in the world? While many non golfers scratched their heads when they heard the news, I believe that many golfers rejoiced and felt the sawing was completely justified!

Lot’s of trees on this golf course, but now one less

Golf can be the strangest of games. Unlike other sports that we play where the ball is moving before being hit or kicked, the golf ball just sits there as still as can be waiting for it’s punishment. Yet, hitting a golf ball straight is a constant battle even for the pros. It is hard to believe sometimes how a Tiger Woods or any other pro who practices all of the time can mess up so bad. Yet, if you think about it, the game is designed for the average person and sometimes the pros to fail.

There are 300 to 450 dimples on a golf ball. The dimples are designed to make the ball better able to cut through the air reducing the drag effect. Dimples also allow the effect of side spin in shot direction. When striking the ball if the club head is the slightest percentage off of squared the ball will not go perfectly straight. Multiply that factor by an incorrect path of the swing and you can see how difficult it is to consistently hit the ball straight. The course designers know this fact and they can make it very difficult for most of us who are not consistently on the fairway. The fairway is a place of low cut grass that is perfect for hitting the ball on. When we go crooked we encounter the rough. The rough is just as it sounds “rough.” You will find your ball on hard ground or in deep grass or both. Sometimes the ball will get buried by the grass and will be tough to hit solidly. When we do hit it solidly there may still be a problem of trees, bushes, and sand traps to maneuver around and over.

On a normal hole keeping the ball straight and in the middle of the fairway is the way to go. Hitting from the low grass will help to hit the ball solid and straight on the next hit. Every golfer knows this simple rule, but executing those straight shots is very hard to do. John Feinstein wrote a book called “A Good Walk Spoiled.” Just the title tells volumes about how the game of golf can make such a good thing into a painful experience. One time years ago I went to play a course by myself. In those days if you were alone the course worker would try to put you in with another group. In this case he put me with a married couple. It got to be a pretty embarrassing situation because the guy was not playing very well at all. Every shot he was hitting was a mishit. He started throwing his club and making a scene. It was embarrassing for his wife and a distraction to me. In his case it wasn’t a tree, it wasn’t the course difficulty, and it wasn’t that something was wrong with his clubs. The problem was him, and that is the hardest problem for any of us to deal with.

Besides the rough and tree problems holes sometimes have water hazards and sand traps. Sand traps are interesting. They are normally placed right around the greens. A good looking shot that seems headed for the green can end up in a sand trap. Playing a ball out of the sand requires some special skills that most of us don’t practice enough. Obviously the game of golf can be very frustrating. You can hit a good looking shot and find yourself in trouble, or you can hit a crooked shot and know you will be in trouble.

On the other hand sometimes you get lucky. I was playing with a friend the other day and he hit a ball that was going into the woods. His ball happened to hit a tree or it’s branches just right and bounced in the fairway. A couple of times he mishit his iron shots, but each time it turned out OK because his ball still made the green. We all have had these nice bounces and breaks, but we know they are nothing to depend on.

Arnold Palmer had a style that endeared him to the hearts of America. It was a style he called “go for broke.” Arnold was constantly getting himself into trouble but by his great recovery skills, he was able to make incredible shots! Sometimes we all have that Palmer mindset. We hit the ball crooked and it ends up behind a tree. We figure out some miraculous shot that maybe we could pull off 1 time out of 100 and we try it. Naturally we end up in far worse trouble than we were before and with another shot on our score. We try another miraculous shot and the same result occurs. By the time the hole is over we have recorded an 8 or more!

The Christian walk has so many parallels to the game of golf! There are the straight and narrow path and there are traps. There are rough areas where we have to walk and there are hazards we are not prepared for. Sometimes in the game of golf we should just take our medicine. When we go astray out into the rough it is often better to just chip the ball back into the fairway. The one stroke in doing that often saves many strokes down the road. The same can be said about Christianity. When we get off of the path the best thing to do is get right back on it. We will all find ourselves with obstacles in our way and potential hazards. When we find ourselves in the hazard it is best to get back on the fairway as quick as possible and start moving forward again! As in golf when trouble comes it is hard not to feel down. Knowing in the troubles of life that God is there to help us makes a big difference! He will help us through the rough spots if we put our complete trust in him! When we find ourselves behind a tree spiritually, we should pray that God gives us the wisdom to get around it. We shouldn’t try to take the law into our own hands. If it is his will God will remove the tree and he won’t need a chainsaw to do it!

Too Busy

by Lewis Hamilton
From the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

The Lord seemed so far away
on that cold and lonely day
My telephone wasn’t ringing
so I began to pray

Lord, where are you
in my time of pain?
It’s like I’ve been cut off
from fellowship again

You used to call so often
I long to hear your voice
But now my phone’s not ringing
I guess you made that choice

I thought, why don’t you love me?
Then I began to look
Soon I found the problem,
my phone was off the hook.

“You expected much, but see, it turned out
to be little. What you brought home, I blew away.
Why?” declares the Lord almighty. “Because my house,
which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with
his own house.”

Haggai 1:9

Praying During TV Time

Hey you, Yes you!  Over there on your couch or  recliner.  Don’t you realize that you are killing yourself?  The average American adult watches TV over 4 hours a day!  That is just the average and some of us are making up for those that don’t watch it much.  Hey you over there sleeping in the Lazy-boy!  Don’t you know that this is not the dreaming you should be doing?  You know God has given us all a limited amount of time on this earth.  He is keeping track of the amount of time we spend on things.  There will be an accounting at the end of the period just like in business.

A man sitting up on a green couch while snoring. If you are part of the 18% who snores but does not have sleep apnea, the Zyppah® anti-snoring device may be a solution for you.

If you are reading this you probably aren’t too young to make a difference in this world!  Look at the accomplishments of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team at the Olympics!  They are proving that the youth can achieve great things!  Look at some of the accomplishments of older people in history.  Colonel Sanders didn’t start franchising his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was 65 year old!  Grandma Moses didn’t become a famous artist until well over 75!  So there are no excuses for any of us!  Don’t forget that Noah was over 600 years old when the flood came!

It would be very interesting if each one of us kept a log of time spent in a day!  Would we like the way we spend our time?  Looking back to the book “The Cross and The Switchblade”, David Wilkerson decided to sell his TV and spend the time he was watching it in prayer!  First he put a fleece before God as a sign that it was what God wanted him to do.   “God”, he said “have the person call me in the first half an hour after the paper hits the streets”.  After 29 minutes nobody had called.  Then out of the blue the phone rang.  The guy on the other end said he would buy the TV sight unseen.

It was during that prayer time that Wilkerson promised to give to God that he happened to see the current issue of Life Magazine.  He tried to get away from it because he felt it was interrupting his time with God.  However every time he did he ended up coming back to it.  Suddenly he realized that he was supposed to open up the magazine!  When he did he saw a sketch of teen gang members in New York City who had killed a kid and were on trial.  As he looked at the picture he started crying.  He noticed the blank looks on their faces.  God spoke in his spirit right then and there that he was to go to New York City and help those kids.  It was the birth of a wonderful ministry that has helped millions of people over the years.  It has changed the lives of countless teens, bringing them to Christ and getting them off of drugs.  It is hard to believe that all of that started one night when Wilkerson decided to sell his TV and use that time to pray!

So my question to all Christians out there is what is holding you back?  Is it the comfort of family life that is keeping you out of where God wants you to be?  Is your time spent in things that you like doing but have no effect on the Kingdom of God?  There are many things we all like to do that we enjoy, but we need to take a look at them and see if God is in the picture.  It would serve us all well to pray about our time with God.  Devote more time to him and less for ourselves.  God may be trying to contact you.  He might have a ministry for you that would lead to souls saved in the Kingdom!  The problem is that your schedule is full and your phone is busy.  Wilkerson’s story is a lesson to all of us.  When we sacrifice our time to prayer and seeking God he will lead us in ways far beyond anything we can imagine!  When we make it a priority to spend more time with God as Wilkerson did, he will bless our steps.  We will start walking in faith and touching others with our testimony!

Hey you again over there on the couch or the lazy-boy!  Put the phone on the hook, God is trying to call!  He wants something everyone is competing for, your time!  Are you ready to be used by him to change the world?  It starts with a sacrifice!  Let’s start praying during TV time!

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