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Praying During TV Time

Hey you, Yes you!  Over there on your couch or  recliner.  Don’t you realize that you are killing yourself?  The average American adult watches TV over 4 hours a day!  That is just the average and some of us are making up for those that don’t watch it much.  Hey you over there sleeping in the Lazy-boy!  Don’t you know that this is not the dreaming you should be doing?  You know God has given us all a limited amount of time on this earth.  He is keeping track of the amount of time we spend on things.  There will be an accounting at the end of the period just like in business.

A man sitting up on a green couch while snoring. If you are part of the 18% who snores but does not have sleep apnea, the Zyppah® anti-snoring device may be a solution for you.

If you are reading this you probably aren’t too young to make a difference in this world!  Look at the accomplishments of the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics team at the Olympics!  They are proving that the youth can achieve great things!  Look at some of the accomplishments of older people in history.  Colonel Sanders didn’t start franchising his famous Kentucky Fried Chicken until he was 65 year old!  Grandma Moses didn’t become a famous artist until well over 75!  So there are no excuses for any of us!  Don’t forget that Noah was over 600 years old when the flood came!

It would be very interesting if each one of us kept a log of time spent in a day!  Would we like the way we spend our time?  Looking back to the book “The Cross and The Switchblade”, David Wilkerson decided to sell his TV and spend the time he was watching it in prayer!  First he put a fleece before God as a sign that it was what God wanted him to do.   “God”, he said “have the person call me in the first half an hour after the paper hits the streets”.  After 29 minutes nobody had called.  Then out of the blue the phone rang.  The guy on the other end said he would buy the TV sight unseen.

It was during that prayer time that Wilkerson promised to give to God that he happened to see the current issue of Life Magazine.  He tried to get away from it because he felt it was interrupting his time with God.  However every time he did he ended up coming back to it.  Suddenly he realized that he was supposed to open up the magazine!  When he did he saw a sketch of teen gang members in New York City who had killed a kid and were on trial.  As he looked at the picture he started crying.  He noticed the blank looks on their faces.  God spoke in his spirit right then and there that he was to go to New York City and help those kids.  It was the birth of a wonderful ministry that has helped millions of people over the years.  It has changed the lives of countless teens, bringing them to Christ and getting them off of drugs.  It is hard to believe that all of that started one night when Wilkerson decided to sell his TV and use that time to pray!

So my question to all Christians out there is what is holding you back?  Is it the comfort of family life that is keeping you out of where God wants you to be?  Is your time spent in things that you like doing but have no effect on the Kingdom of God?  There are many things we all like to do that we enjoy, but we need to take a look at them and see if God is in the picture.  It would serve us all well to pray about our time with God.  Devote more time to him and less for ourselves.  God may be trying to contact you.  He might have a ministry for you that would lead to souls saved in the Kingdom!  The problem is that your schedule is full and your phone is busy.  Wilkerson’s story is a lesson to all of us.  When we sacrifice our time to prayer and seeking God he will lead us in ways far beyond anything we can imagine!  When we make it a priority to spend more time with God as Wilkerson did, he will bless our steps.  We will start walking in faith and touching others with our testimony!

Hey you again over there on the couch or the lazy-boy!  Put the phone on the hook, God is trying to call!  He wants something everyone is competing for, your time!  Are you ready to be used by him to change the world?  It starts with a sacrifice!  Let’s start praying during TV time!

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3 thoughts on “Praying During TV Time

  1. Thanks Lewis! For the challenge and the reminder to pray!
    God bless you!

  2. You are welcome Salome! It won’t be the most popular post, but it is so true! In the poem “Time” there is a line that goes, “Whatever is important to me is how I’ll spend my time”. Thank you again for your continued reading and inspirational comments!

  3. Cindy Parish on said:

    I have felt led by the Holy Spirit to make myself a vessel for His use. This story speaks to me, and I’m sure, to many others. Thank you for the right story at the right time!

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