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The Seed Became A Rose

My dad told me a true story a few times during the years.  He told it to me more than once because it was a story that illustrated the point that things aren’t always how they appear.  Much like the saying “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover.”   There was this giant movie theater that was built in this town years ago.  It was the only one in town and it made money hand over fist.  A very common man dressed in plain attire, (very clean but very casual), asked the theater owner if he could sell some popcorn outside the theater.  He was granted his request more or less on the pity that the theater owner felt for him.  After all the theater owner was making so much money every day and here this guy looked to be struggling and needed a break.  His little popcorn stand was very plain, but he was there every day.  Nobody thought much of the popcorn stand owner.  They were just glad he was there so they could buy their ten cent popcorn.  One day a few years later the theater owner decided to sell his very profitable theater.  There was speculation from all over as to which of the towns wealthiest residents might be interested and if they could come up with the needed funds to make the purchase.  Nobody was shocked when the business was sold in very short order.  Everyone was floored when they found out that the buyer was the guy with the popcorn stand!

My impression of peoples success  has taken  a solid u-turn at times.  I used to help people with their finances.  It was pretty basic stuff.  Getting them to think about retirement even when they were younger.  Having them switch to term life insurance instead of paying expensive premiums. Investing in mutual funds instead of banks.  Anyway one of the things we used to do was find out what they owed and what their income was.  I was so stunned to see the other side of the equation.  People that I thought were doing so well because of their positions and their house were actually in financial ruins.  Even though their income might have been very substantial they were spending even more.  Even worse sometimes the commitment to make all of that money had taken it’s toll on their family.  We all invest our time in different ways and there has to be a balance to be successful.  Without that balance there are break downs as evident by some being on their second or third marriage.

So many times we look at someones position and we tend to categorize them.  We like to put people in categories.  I guess it is how we try to get things organized.  We relate this person to this job, and then to this level of talent and intelligence.  I always like the stories where someone isn’t thought as much, but down deep they have value nobody sees.  Unlike the story where someone is on a pedestal and we have to push them off, these are stories where the person starts at nowhere in our eyes and ends up on that pedestal!

Christopher Maloney is a 34 year old man who lives in Liverpool England.  He knew he had something that was very special.  Yet, his confidence was always shattered by his so called “friends.”  You see Christopher has a gift of singing.  At least he thought he might until bringing it up with friends.  Every time he mentioned that he would like to sing in public he was shot down.  “You would just make a bloody fool of yourself”, was the reply.  For years Christopher let his dream slide.  He had a grandma who encouraged him though.  “I am behind you 100% she told him.”  Maybe her encouragement is just what he needed!  Christopher was scared to death, but he decided to enter to become a contestant on a popular show called The X Factor.  It is a show where people get up and perform and judges score them.

Christopher decided to sing a song that seems to fit his story perfectly.  It was “The Rose” written by Amanda McBoom, and made famous by Bette Midler.  The lyrics that seem to describe Christopher before his appearance go like this.

It’s the heart, afraid of breaking, that never learns to dance.  It’s the dream, afraid of waking, that never takes a chance,  It’s the one who won’t be taken, who cannot seem to give, and the soul afraid of dying, that never learns to live.

Christopher wasn’t thought of as much when he walked on stage.  He was shaking so bad that it was unclear if he would even be able to perform.  Yet, when he got some composure and started singing heads perked up.  Instead of a man who the judges thought would be a total failure came a voice they couldn’t believe, with emotion I have very rarely heard in a song!  Christopher sang and lived the last lyrics of his song!  Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snow,  lies the seed that with the sun’s love,  in the spring becomes the rose.

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8 thoughts on “The Seed Became A Rose

  1. Tommelia on said:

    This blog has so many truisms , well done! Success isn’t measured in $$$$, as God tries to tell us, bless you for bringing this to light!

  2. sharolyn hamilton on said:

    A beautiful story !

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  4. Very good stories Lewis! Encouraging. Thank you. Leona

  5. beautiful story….very encouraging. Thank you Lewis for sharing it.

  6. Very inspiring stories! Thanks for sharing Lewis! What more would I demand of God to be called “a faithful servant”? Just a pint of faith that what He has deposited in me, is all that He wants me to utilize and bring glory to Him!

  7. Such a beautiful story that I so much relate with. Thanks for sharing it. Be blessed always :)

  8. Reblogged this on lydiajerotich and commented:
    Nobody is a nobody and indeed everybody is a somebody….just a matter of time and everyone’s glamour shines. I love people.

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