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Searching for a Car, A House, and God

I first heard this little saying at work one day.  It makes me smile even now as I think about it!  I don’t remember what the problem was but I was sure that there was one.  After explaining it to the other person from another department I realized that it was not a problem at all.  Laughingly this lady said “Oh I see, the problem was the nut behind the wheel eh?”  Now I use this little saying when I find out that I am completely at  fault for whatever problem or perceived problem there is.  I’ll say “It turned out it was just the nut behind the wheel!”  This next situation falls into that category.

I’m not sure if you will laugh at this or if you will admit that you have done the very same thing or both!  I was at the mall yesterday,  left for awhile and returned.  When I left the mall the second time I realized that I had forgotten where I had parked.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Usually I am pretty alert as to which door I walk into especially at this mall.  I have learned from the school of hard knocks or long walks.  Searching a parking lot for a car is not my idea of fun.  This particular mall has many parking lots and they all look the same.  What threw me off this time is that in my mind I was thinking of where I had parked the car the first time.  For five minutes or so I walked through the parking lot looking for my car.  After walking up and down the aisles I suddenly thought that maybe the car wasn’t in this particular lot at all.  Luckily in this case there was another level and another parking lot close by.  You can go into the same store but use different doors in this mall.  These two doors lead to two different parking lots.  After climbing the rocks that led to the upper level parking lot I found my car exactly where I had parked it!

If someone was observing me in this situation they may think I looked like a suspicious character.  After all I was walking up and down every aisle looking at all of the cars as if I were up to something.  I know that Meijer (the mega store) has cameras in the parking lot and they observe the comings and goings of people on a screen inside.  I’ve lost my car in that giant parking lot also.  I wonder if they watched me on camera walking up and down each aisle wondering what I was up to.  I don’t know if the mall has cameras in the parking lot or not.  If they do undoubtedly they saw me looking like a suspicious character.  I can tell you from losing a car that most people going into or coming out of  the store don’t pay attention.  They undoubtedly have their own business in mind and that is probably why security cameras are needed.  Most people are happy to find their own cars and don’t observe what is happening around them.

Where did I park?

I borrowed a leaf blower from a friend one time and I decided after work to return it to them.  It was one of the shorter days in December after they had turned the clocks back for daylight savings.  I had been to their house one time but forgot exactly where it was in the neighborhood.  I didn’t think it would be a problem since I had the address.  However by the time I got to the neighborhood it was pitch black outside.  To my amazement there was not a street light in the whole neighborhood.  I must have passed the house four or five times trying to see any clue of an address.   Once in a while I would see one and have to turn the car around or keep going depending on what the number was.  Too many times the house numbers were just on the houses and they were impossible to see from the car.  So here I was going two miles an hour through a pitch black neighborhood seeming very suspicious I would guess.  At long last I parked the car and started walking down the sidewalk until I was able to follow the addresses and find the house.

It’s awful dark around here!

Luckily for me a resident of the neighborhood didn’t call the police about a suspicious car putting around.  Maybe in that neighborhood they are used to it.  Perhaps I’m just over concerned of how things might look.  From my experiences people don’t seem to be as doubtful of my presence as I fear they might.  Undoubtedly it is the old thing about not wanting to get involved.  I’m sure they wouldn’t react to a suspicious character unless it was effecting them.

One time I was going into D & W (a food store) and I parked right in the front row.  D & W is a smaller store and there is no chance of losing your car there.  After I made my purchase I got into the car.  For some reason I couldn’t turn the key.  Fear set in as I remembered a few years back when the same thing happened.  I got out of work and tried to start my car and the key wouldn’t turn.  I ended up having to call a locksmith and he came out and made me a whole new ignition and key set!  That little episode was kind of pricey and I sat there for a few seconds trying to digest what just happened.  I tried to turn the key again with the same result.  My eyes focused on the passenger seat.  Hey wait a minute this stuff isn’t mine!  I realized that I was not in my car!  Quickly I took my keys and got out.  I looked around but nobody was around or knew what happened.  Thankfully the owner didn’t come out at that moment as I would have looked very guilty.  My eyes glanced over about three spots and there was my car!  Who would have thought that two cars that old would look exactly the same? Naturally when I put the key into the ignition it turned exactly like it should and I scampered out of that lot!

I scampered out of that lot!

You may be searching for something in your life.  Maybe you have walked up and down the aisles and you still can’t find what is missing.  Perhaps  everything seems dark in your search and you don’t know where to turn.  Get out and take a closer look!  God is waiting with the answer to all of your needs!  You have probably tried to turn the key of happiness only to find that it won’t budge because you are not in the right vehicle.  You will find that God is the right vehicle just like I did!  One day years ago I was searching for something too.  Until that day I felt so empty inside.  I was literally searching aimlessly for the answer to what life is about.  I felt guilt within me that was overwhelming.  God put me in a place where I heard his message!  When I confessed my sins that day he  gave me what I was looking for!  Before that I was in the nut behind the wheel syndrome.  The problems in my life were all my fault.  God accepted me as I was  including my faults.  He provided me with a reason to live in a world of gloom.  He can and will do the same for you too because he loves you!  All you have to do is accept him into your life!  When you do that a light will go on in your heart and you will never search in darkness again!

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5 thoughts on “Searching for a Car, A House, and God

  1. It’s so heartwarming to be in the company of a good friend when the recall button is pushed. There is such comfort in knowing we are all human, and we all fall short. And God loves us. That’s a constant for as long as we keep our hearts open. What a wondrous way to go through life with the light of our Savior shining upon, through, around, in and from our hearts! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tommelia on said:

    oh my gosh I once opened the door of a truck that looked just like mine lolol! You made me laugh, ty!

  3. Cyndi Revis on said:

    Oh my, the memories

  4. Can’t comprehend that you had to change the lock of someone else’s car! Did you? Lol
    I just thank God that He is always available for us covering our would be guilt and shame. Great lessons here my friend. God bless you! :)

  5. No…Luckily I realized I was in the wrong car

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