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Lightenload-2012 Year in Review

When a year comes to an end it is always a time of reflection. This year in January of 2012 lightenload was born. I would like to thank you as a reader for your encouragement in this process! If you have ever made a comment or told me directly that you have been blessed it has encouraged me to keep going! I hope that in some small way this site has helped you! If it has I am forever grateful! From now until the end of the year I would like to give a favorites countdown. These favorites were not picked by me, but by you the readers by the statistics I receive!
From now until the end of the year I will review the top ten.

Before I reveal the number ten viewer friendly article of the year I would like to list five near misses.
#15 A True Friend-A story that makes us think about who really are our true friends and if we are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to be a true friend. It also elaborates on how Jesus is the best true friend!

#14 The Seed Became A Rose-A story is told about a man from Great Britain who had doubts about his talent because he listened to his friends opinions. At last he conquered his fears and displayed a voice that will long be remembered!

#13 The Truth Stands-Using the old “To Tell The Truth” show as an example this story explains why telling the truth is always the best policy!

#12 I’m A Witness Tells about my salvation story and what it takes to become a good witness for God!

#11 The Gardener and My Garden III The only poem in the top fifteen! This poem is about faith. Faith is not what is seen, but what is unseen.

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One thought on “Lightenload-2012 Year in Review

  1. Tommelia on said:

    Very awesome and relevant on all levels…..Feliz Navidad y Ano! Keep up your very good work!

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