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#8 I’m Scared

We’ve all heard the term “God fearing.” As in he is a very God fearing man! Burton Cummings was not that guy. That was until he had a strange experience in New York City that culminated in him writing the song “I’m Scared.” I rate this song one of the most inspirational christian songs I know. It is not because of the righteousness of the man that sang it. It is a song of a questioning young man, much like all of us question at one time or another. He came to a point in his life where something monumental was being shown to him. His reaction was fear as he realized that things he considered important weren’t very important at all. Burton was not seeking God that day when he walked into that church. He was just keeping warm on a cold day. But God had other plans and touched him when he heard the choir singing. Burton had an encounter with God. He received the warmth he was seeking, but it was in his spirit and it was so powerful that all he could do was fall down on his knees! Burton C

#8 I’m Scared click below to read the story

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