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Surrounded by Love

I was talking to a friend the other day and he was telling me he was going into 2013 with a new attitude.  The statement kind of caught me off guard as this is a person I always felt was confident and upbeat all of the time!  He told me he had been depressed lately which was another surprise since he never shows it in our conversations.  It reminds me that all of us get down sometimes.  It’s easy to feel down due to circumstances and situations.  The people who overcome don’t stay in that mental framework.  They find a way to start climbing out of that cellar that they find themselves in.  It’s so much easier when we are surrounded by love.  People who care about us and our circumstances.  People who will stick by us til the end!  People who believe in us and whose love goes through the tough times with us.

With Jerome Harrison we find a story of the will to live against incredible odds.  When I hear of a story like this I wonder “Why am I letting the little bump in the road happening in my life depress me?”

Jerome as a Lion

Jerome as a Lion

Jerome and his loving wife MichelleJerome and his loving wife Michelle

Jerome Harrison was a running back for the Detroit Lions.  He is originally one of our own as he went to high school at Kalamazoo Central.  He would play for the Cleveland Browns for five years where in 2009 he broke the single game rushing record with 286 yards!  The Browns eventually traded him to the Eagles and the next year the Eagles traded him to the Lions.  Maybe the Eagles had regrets about the trade as they agreed to terms with the Lions to get him back.  The trade couldn’t be finalized until physicals were taken.  Jerome was having his routine physical with the Eagles doctors when something unexpected was found.  He was told that he would need surgery.  It was supposed to be a simple surgery but complications occurred.  It was only through the grace of God and the surrounding love of his wife Michelle, who Jerome calls “Diamond”, and his family and friends that Jerome is still living.  This story brings out the fact as to how fragile life is.  One day Jerome is feeling good as it looks like he had a lot more football to play.  The next day he is in a battle for his life.  His story is an inspiration to all of us to keep fighting even when things look bleak.  Trust in God and if you are lucky enough to have people who love and care about you, use their love to instill the will to keep going as you start your journey out of the cellar!

click below and click on the youtube link for the inspiring story!

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2 thoughts on “Surrounded by Love

  1. Such an inspiring story, Lewis! Thanks for sharing it! May the Lord continue to bless and inspire many through the beautiful gift of writing He has given you. God bless you!
    -Suzanne :)

  2. Good article Lewis and very timely. I just wrote a poem yesterday that relates to nearly the same thing–how quickly life can change in a moment. Read it here:

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