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The Old Piano

It seemed so all alone

It seemed so all alone

Many years ago my ex pastor had a dilemma.  There was an old piano in the back room of the church.  It was away from the action and the only activity it received was kids banging on it, making it sound as though it were a toy.  The piano had not been tuned in years if ever.  Pastor’s dilemma was should he attempt to have the piano tuned so it could be useful, or just write it off as worthless and get rid of it?   After thinking it over for awhile he called a piano tuner to repair it if possible.  This happened in the middle of the week and the next Sunday he shared the story with us.  I felt in my spirit that God wanted me to write a poem about this moving story!  You see as pastor was listening to the piano tuner adjusting the keys of that old piano his spirit was broken and tears flowed.  Suddenly it wasn’t about the old piano at all.

The keys all clunked together
with each one out of line

The Old Piano

by Lewis Hamilton
From the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

The old piano sat by the wall
it seemed so all alone
No one wanted to play it
such a disturbing tone

The keys all clunked together
with each one out of line
I knew i had to do something,
we were running out of time

I called a piano tuner
to come by when he could
Maybe if he worked real hard
it would sound more like it should

Still in my mind I doubted
I had my point of view
Maybe I should just go out
and buy one that was new

The piano man knocked on the door
and started working soon
He asked me how long it had been
since the piano was last tuned

Is it even worth your time?
Such an enormous task
Not wanting to discourage him
I decided not to ask

Patiently he took each key
and tuned them one by one
After a while I noticed
an improvement in the run

It started to sound better,
he delighted in each change
Soon that lonely old piano
was playing with some range

Gradually the sound improved
as he worked so hard and long
At last he was attempting
to play a little song

Adjustments were only minor now,
sounding oh, so good
And I was thinking to myself
it sounded better than it should

For it was an old piano
that seemed so all alone
But now it had a delightful sound
with a pleasant in-key tone

As I heard that pretty piano sound
with all the notes just right,
the Lord told me I was like
that piano in his sight

I may look like I did before
but my heart is now in key
Lord, thank you for amazing grace
and not giving up on me.

But God demonstrates his own
love for us in this: While we were
still sinners, Christ died for us.

Romans 5:8

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4 thoughts on “The Old Piano

  1. Lewis, thank you for sharing this precious poem The Lord gave you! It reminds me that no matter who we are, where we come from, our age, our disabilities, our lack of skills or inherent talent, our appearance, our position in society…God can not only use us, but He can make something exceedingly beautiful out of our lives if we will but surrender ourselves fully to Him. “The eyes of the LORD scan the whole world to find those whose hearts are committed to Him and to strengthen them.”~ 2 Chronicles 16:9 May God Bless You & continue to inspire many through your BEAUTIFUL WRITING! ~Suzanne :)

  2. Beautiful poem Lewis. I can relate. Blessings and Happy Spring to you!

  3. Yes, very nice Lewis! So glad my Father God tunes me daily!

    They shall still bear fruit in old age;
    They shall be fresh and flourishing,
    Psalm 92:14 NKJV

  4. Such a beautiful post Lewis … the poem, the music, your words.

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