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Forgotten Sand Castles

It was the oddest statue I think I have ever seen!  It was meant to commemorate a moment in time and Bobby Orr was the subject.  Bobby Orr was a hockey player for the Boston Bruins.  He reinvented the position of defenseman.  A defenseman by definition was a player who kept the other team from scoring.  Very rarely did a defenseman score a goal.  Bobby changed all of that!  He had the speed and stick handling skills to unexpectedly get by his man and score goals too!  Bobby only played twelve seasons.  His career was cut short by a dozen knee surgeries.  Back in the sixties and early seventies when they did knee surgeries they went right in with the knife.  Nowadays with advancements in surgery technology the same procedures could have been performed with a laser and a scope.  He only played in 657 games in his 12 years but he had an astonishing 915 points!  He won the Norris trophy eight consecutive times as the leagues best defenseman!  Bobby is the only defenseman to lead the league in points and he did it twice!  He also won the leagues most valuable player award three times!  Bobby’s career may have been much more productive and lasting had he played today.  Yet for a few years his name was on everyone’s lips when it came to hockey.  He started very young in the game and at the age of 22 the moment pictured by the statue occurred.

Orr Flying Statue

The Boston Bruins (Orr’s team) was playing the St. Louis Blues in the 1970 Stanley Cup Finals.  It was a best of seven series and Boston had a three games to zero lead.  The fourth game went into overtime as both teams had three goals.  Forty seconds into the overtime Bobby sent a pass to teammate Derek Sanderson and received it back.  He shot it past goalie Glenn Hall of the Blues.  As he was skating in front of the net watching the puck go past the goalie he was tripped by Blues defenseman Noel Picard.  He stretched out his arm with his stick as he flew parallel to the ice in a victorious dive!  For that moment in time there was not a hockey player more famous than Bobby Orr!  At the age of 31 he was elected into the Hockey Hall of Fame!

I was amazed when researching Halls of Fame of the number of Halls of Fame that there are!  There are Halls of Fames for all of our major sports baseball, football, basketball, and hockey!  The list goes into many of the minor sports and other things like the rock and roll hall of fame in Cleveland, and the Hollywood hall of fame.  Many universities also have their halls of Fame in all sports as do states!  Usually a Hall of Fame will have a plaque of the individual listing all of their accomplishments!  Sometimes statues will be made in their honor!  Visitors come and read the accomplishments of the honorees.  It’s nice to be remembered!  It’s natural for people to want to be remembered for something they did in their lives.  Sometimes people will give large amounts of money just to have a building named after them!  Nobody wants to be forgotten.

Time has passed by like it always does.  Bobby turned 65 earlier this year.  Bobby is doing well these days.  Since he had knee replacement a few years ago he has been in far less pain!  “I’ll tell you a true story that happened the other day,” said Orr, chuckling as he gets rolling. “We had a mixed member-guest-couples event at our golf course and I’m walking down the corridor to the men’s locker room and there was a board set up there, listing all the teams. A couple of ladies were standing there and saw my name, and I heard one say, ‘oh, he’s an old hockey player.’  Bobby thought to himself that yes, they were absolutely right.  It’s strange how time can put past greatness out of our memories!  Likewise that is  exactly how fleeting earthly fame can be!  The two poems that follow remind us to build our house on the solid rock and to store our treasures in Heaven!  Then we will be remembered by God in his Heavenly Hall of Fame!

On Drifting Dust

Author Unknown

Now summer goes
And tomorrow’s snows
Will soon be deep,
And the sky of blue
Which summer knew
Sees shadows creep.

As the gleam tonight
Which is silver bright
Spans ghostly forms,
The winds rush by
With a warning cry
Of coming storms.

So the laurel fades
In the snow-swept glades
Of flying years,
And the dreams of youth
Find the bitter truth
Of pain and tears.

Through the cheering mass
Let the victors pass
To find fate’s thrust,
As tomorrow’s fame
Writes another name
On Drifting dust.


God’s Hall of Fame
by Walt Huntley

Your name may not appear down here
In this world’s Hall of Fame
In fact, you may be so unknown
That no one knows your name;

The oscars and the praise of men
May never come your way,
But don’t forget God has rewards
That He’ll hand out someday,

This Hall of Fame is only good
As long as time shall be;
But keep in mind, God’s Hall of Fame
Is for eternity;

To Have your name inscribed up there
Is greater more by far
Than all the fame and all the praise
Of ev’ry man-made star.

This crowd on earth they soon forget
When you’re not at the top,
They’ll cheer like mad until you fall
And then their praise will stop;
Not God, He never does forget,
And in His Hall of Fame,
By just believing on His son,
Forever- there’s your name.

I tell you, friend, I wouldn’t trade
My name, however small,
That’s written there beyond the stars
In that celestial Hall,
For all the famous names on earth,
Or glory that they share;
I’d rather be an unknown here,
And have my name up there.

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One thought on “Forgotten Sand Castles

  1. Lewis, you never fail to inspire me with your insightful posts! Thank you for sharing this story and these beautiful poems! May The Lord continue to bless you with encouraging, insightful messages to share with us! God bless you, my friend!

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