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What’s Inside Your Refrigerator?

The power company is sending us a new statement these days.  The normal monthly bill gets here and we take care of it.  A week or two later the new statement arrives.  The new statement actually compares the amount we spend on energy with our neighbors.  We have been all over the charts in these statements.  Sometimes for some reason we don’t know, we happen to have a good month and our rates are lower than our neighbors.  The next month we may be in the higher percentile of energy bills.  This whole statement thing gets our mind on how we may be able to do better.  I’ve discovered that people disclose ideas on the internet on how to lower energy bills.  Of course there are the normal ideas of not turning on the air conditioner all of the time.  (Maybe opening up a window at night when the temperature is lower would help).  In the colder months set your temperature a little lower.  Other ideas are to turn off lights in rooms you are not using and unplug the computer.  There were two ideas that I hadn’t really thought of and they involved big appliances.  One was to wash more in cold water to save money on heating the water, and the other was to clean out your refrigerator.

How much is enough?

How much is enough?

I’ve been thinking about this refrigerator thing they were talking about.  I’m reminded of a little cartoon that was on our refrigerator at work.  The cartoon had a lady pulling out an old bowl from the office refrigerator as she was assigned to cleaning it out.  “Who is William Johnson?”, she asks as she notices his name taped on the bowl.  “William Johnson retired in 2002”, someone answers from  across the room.  The bowl in the cartoon shows an aroma filling the air and the ladies face has a sickening frown.

Although it is very important to remove old items from your refrigerator, the energy zapper they talk about in the article is related to the amount of things in the refrigerator.  You see the more things in the refrigerator, the harder the refrigerator has to work.  It has to do with the air vents and the fact that too many items will block them.  The refrigerator will take up much more energy as it can’t do it’s job because things are blocking it’s flow.

Recently a friend of mine made a call to a family member.  Later it was mentioned how draining the conversation was.   The call was supposed to be a positive experience bringing the individuals closer together.  Instead however, every topic that came up was followed by a negative spin from the other family member.  It got to the point where my friend had to get off of the phone because of the zapping of energy the conversation was taking!  Much like the jammed up refrigerator, our attitudes can zap energy out of other people.  Instead of continuing to be that burden, God has a way of cleaning us out and helping us to focus on the things we really need!

Consider the jammed up refrigerator again.  Our refrigerator for instance has a lot of space and it never occurred to me that filling that space could cause problems.  Usually we think of a full refrigerator as a good thing.  We buy things we think we will need to fill that thing up!  It’s like things in our lives.  We like to fill our lives with a lot of things.  When God is working everything that we do can be a reflection of him!  However, when we let things come between us and our God, it blocks  his Spirit from flowing in our lives.   The things that seemed so important have now become a repulsing odor in our being.  With God there is always hope when we turn to him!  If we let him purge the things we don’t need in our lives and are blocking his Spirit, we will find true happiness!  No longer are we an energy zapper,  we become an uplifting instrument that God can use!

What I Really Need

By Lewis Hamilton
From the book “The Gardener and My Garden” c1997

TV commercials, magazines,
billboards we drive by
comfort, luxury,
simple as pie

Stylish, elegant
going by the book
This new pearl necklace
gives me just the look

Tender, juicy, sweet and light
so come by and taste
Supermarket checkout line,
there’s no time to waste

Running to each item
they say will satisfy,
learning after buying
of their clever little lies

Material possessions
but nothing for my soul
Hunger unsatisfied
taking its toll

Jesus come by quickly
my spirit you will feed
Not food for my body
but what I really need.

For just as the sufferings of Christ
flow over into our lives, so also
through Christ our comfort overflows.
II Corinthians 1:5

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One thought on “What’s Inside Your Refrigerator?

  1. A very good comparison and a reminder we all need to heed daily. Thanks Lewis!

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