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The Crazy Place

W.C. Fields said the line “Here’s a quarter kid, go play on the freeway.”  Of course nobody in their right mind would take him up on that offer.  Playing on the freeway would surely mean their demise!  That would be going to “The Crazy Place!”  Hebrews 12:2 talks about how Satan convinced 1/3 of the Angels to rebel with him against God.  Can you imagine how ridiculous that was?  Living with everything you could ever want or need in paradise to rebel against the God of the Universe who created you?  That little rebellion has cost him and one third of the angels their place in paradise and eventually a place in Hell’s damnation for eternity.  They surely took their act to “The Crazy Place.”  So what is the “Crazy Place” I am talking about?  The “Crazy Place” is saying or doing things that you will regret later.  It is so far off of the wall that it is literally ridiculous.

In 1976 the Eagles had a hit song called “Hotel California.”  That song is about checking into a hotel that they thought was normal only to discover how crazy it was.  After discovering how completely weird and abnormal this place was they try to escape only to be told that “you can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”  The song seems to describe Satanism however the Eagles later described it as their way of speaking out about the drugs, sex, and all about me attitude in the music industry.  Either way it is describing “The Crazy Place” that you are better off staying away from.

The Eagle’s song was just a thought in someones imagination unlike a real “The Crazy Place”  that was on the Kansas Prairies around 1872.  It was an Inn where travelers could get a meal and a place to sleep for the night.  Surprisingly it was not on the beaten Osage Trail.  It was well advertised and tired weary travelers pictured a place of rest and comfort.  It was thought to be worth the effort to venture off and find the Inn.  Travelers never suspected “The Crazy Place” implications when they entered.  They were met by a beautiful young woman named Kate Bender.  She would interview them on their destination and if they had family.  If they were alone and seemed to be carrying a lot of money their fate was sealed.  A final factor would be if they would not be missed for awhile if they didn’t make their destination.  You see the Benders which included Kate, her brother, and their parents were in the business of murder.  They had the very definition of “The Crazy Place” and if anyone knew the danger that trip involved they would never go there.  Many travelers ended up buried on the  property as the Benders divided their life savings.

Of course for our own safety we would never intentionally go to “The Crazy Place.”  Yet almost all of us have been there already.  You see “The Crazy Place” is a place you can go verbally as well as physically.  As we all know it can be easy to get into disagreements with somebody.  After all we are all different and sometimes we have different points of view.  Through the disagreement with emotions flying high it is often that someone will say something completely off of the subject.  The words can be hurtful and final. An example occurred on a recent “Hoarders” reality TV show.  A lady had accumulated countless things that were piled up in her house.  It was suggested by a family member and the consultant trying to help the situation that she get rid of part of her accumulation. The lady was appalled.  “Why don’t you just dig my grave and kill me now?”, was her statement.  She was definitely taking the conversation to “The Crazy Place.”  After further digging through her accumulation she was asked to part with other things.  She questioned in exasperation “are you going to get that shovel yet?”

If we tell someone to go to hell, or that we never want to speak to them again, or don’t bother calling me ever again, we are entering “The Crazy Place.”  Those dramatic words used only to hurt bring a sharp end to the conversation.  Those are words we really don’t mean and sooner or later we will regret them.  They are words that we wish we could take back an hour after we say them.  They close the door where the door should always be open.  They block the line of communication which causes hurt feelings.  Use the words of James 1:19 & 20 as your motto.  “But everyone must be quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger.  For the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.”  It is recommended that we live in peace with each other and live a stress free life.  However there are times that we have all experienced where disagreements happen.  When they do don’t say words that you will regret and that will cause hurt in a moment of anger.  Disagree if you must but please don’t go to “The Crazy Place!”

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2 thoughts on “The Crazy Place

  1. Cyndi Revis on said:

    Love this, Lewis. Thank you

  2. Sarah on said:

    Excellent story Lewis!!! What a great reminder for us all. Thank you.

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