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Hanging a “W”

This last weekend was Homecoming Weekend at our university and my office was helping out the events staff.  Myself and my partner were assigned to putting the Western flags which were W’s in gold and brown on the end of poles, lengthening the poles, and attaching them to the fence posts outside the parking lot where tailgate and activities tents were affixed.  When the events person showed us how the job should be done she mentioned to be careful that the “W” wasn’t going on upside down, or we would be hanging an “M”.  That clearly wouldn’t picture who we were trying to represent and would be a big mistake.

WMU Gold W on Brown BackgroundWestern Michigan Broncos football - Wikipedia

It would be nice if life’s miscues were so cut and dry.  Sometimes we don’t realize we are making mistakes until they are out there for all to see.  The nice thing about this flag job was that if a mistake was made you could catch it right away and correct it before you hung the “M” instead of the “W”.  This whole experience of participating in attaching and raising up about 20 flags got me thinking about coming up with describing a mistake as hanging an “M” and a correct action as hanging a “W”. Okay,  laugh but to me this is the fun part of our vocabulary.  Saying things that mean something to me or making some statement that only my close friends or family would know what I am talking about is a fun way to communicate!

I don’t want to hang an “M” in my life because it is a mistake.  Mistakes come in many forms but they are based on what the center of my life is.  When there is too much of me at the center my life is unbalanced.  When my life is unbalanced and misdirected I find myself meandering down the road of motion without purpose.  There might be a mean streak in me as I attempt to manipulate my situation and put myself in a better light.  I undoubtedly will put too much emphasis on money and the acquisition of material thingsMy life ends up being a mess  because those things cannot and never will be able to bring me true happiness.

On the other hand I should attempt to hang a W.  That would be living a life where I desire to seek God’s will for me!  That is where wisdom begins!  We all are here for just a little while so why do we waste time on things that don’t matter?  Instead of me being the center of my life it needs to be God and worshiping him.  When I get into that frame of mind he makes me a winner.  He helps me to understand why I am here and who I might be able to help that day through him!  He satisfies the depths of my soul and gives a peace that cannot be comprehended.  With that peace a smile comes on my face because it is a reflection of how I feel inside!

Image result for proverbs on wisdom photo

I noticed some things as those flags were raised.  I noticed how high they were with the wind blowing them around.  Those flags stood for something and the message couldn’t have been more clear.  It is a message of love.  I too want to stand for something.  I want people to look up to me for wisdom and understanding.  I want to look at the world like I would a whale and not a minnow.  “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not parish but have eternal life.” I am a whoever and you are too if you have given your life to God.  Together we will shine the light he has given us throughout this dark world.   Together we raise our flag for all to see of the wonderful God we serve who is worthy of all of our praise!

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3 thoughts on “Hanging a “W”

  1. Wisdom…from you, as always! :)

  2. WONDERFUL Lewis!! :)

  3. You are a winner in my eyes Lewis. You exude a peaceful presence. A rare and great treasure that is from The Lord. Thank you for another great story!

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