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Sleeping In The Hotel Doorway

I used to play one of the late Jim Croce’s songs on my guitar and my mom would say it reminded her of one of my friends named Wayne.  Wayne was on his own but always finding himself in unfortunate situations.  Anyway the song’s title is Box #10 and it was on Croce’s “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” album.  The thing about this song was that it wasn’t a big hit.  It was almost like Croce put the song in there to fill the album up.  Yet that song said a lot about how things go wrong when we are not connected to God.  Here is the lyrics and the chorus.

“Box #10” Lyrics

Jim Croce

Well out of Southern Illinois
Come a down-home country boy
He gonna make it in the city
Playin’ guitar in the studio
Well he hadn’t been there an hour
When he met a Broadway flower
You know she took him for his money
And she left him in a cheap hotel
Well it’s easy for you to see
That that country boy was me
Say and how am I ever gonna
Break the news to the folks back home?
I was gonna be a great success
Things sure ended up a mess
But in the process I got messed up too
Hello momma and dad I had to call collect
‘Cause I ain’t got a cent to my name
Well I’m sleepin’ in a hotel doorway
And tonight they say it’s gonna rain
And if you’d only send me some money
I’ll be back on my feet again
Send it in care of the Sunday Mission
Box Number Ten
Well back in Southern Illinois
They still worryin’ ’bout their boy
But this boy’s goin’ home
As soon as he gets the fare
But the minute I got my bread
I got a pipe upside my head
You know they left me in an alley
Took my money and my guitar too
Hello momma and dad I had to call collect
‘Cause I ain’t got a cent to my name
Well I’m sleepin’ in a hotel doorway
And tonight they say it’s gonna rain
And if you’d only send me some money
I’ll be back on my feet again
Send it in care of the Sunday Mission
Box Number Ten
Sometimes we tend to operate according to our own will and not the will of God.  When we do we are asking for trouble.  The person in the song had a dream of being famous.  His dream for himself probably wasn’t God’s plan for him. If you have a dream pray that it is in line with how God wants to use you.  Listen to his voice as he will let you know if you are on the right path.  The first step on God’s path is giving your whole life and everything you are or will be to him.  When you do you will be in perfect peace knowing that it is the right thing to do.  To the man in the songs dismay everything went bad and he regretfully had to call his mom and dad to rescue him.  This story is a perfect illustration of the parable of the prodigal son in the Bible.  The prodigal son took off on his own and humbly had to come back after all of his money was gone.  The man in the song also had to humble himself and seek help from his loving parents when there was nobody else to turn to.
The first time he made a mistake.  He blew his money on his own lusts and didn’t have it to use for his dream.  Sometimes when we find ourselves in our most defeated situations it is entirely our fault.  We are suffering the consequences for the actions that we took.  The second time unlucky circumstances worked against him.  There are times when for whatever reason things happen that are completely out of our control.  Whatever the cause we are right to go to our Heavenly Father to seek help.  Don’t let silly pride rob you of your victory!
Image result for poison ivy on person
I’m reminded of one summer when Wayne and I both got a bad case of poison Ivy.  Both of us were miserable.  I remember my mom reminding Wayne not to scratch it as she caught him in the act.  He didn’t even realize what he was doing.  We used this pink lotion stuff to relieve the itch.  The stuff would get hard and supposedly dry the poison ivy up.  The problem was it still left the unbearable itch.  Somehow we both survived our poison ivy attack that summer but there was much suffering.  Years later when I was a “mature” adult I got a bad case of poison ivy again.  Stubbornly I refused to go to the doctor.  I decided that I could get rid of the stuff myself.  After about 3 weeks the poison ivy was all over me and I decided to go to the doctor at long last.  The doctor looked at me and said “what have you been in?”  He gave me some pills and within 2 days all of the poison ivy was gone!
Image result for hotel doorway
Unfortunately that is how we are with God at times.  We wait and suffer until as a last resort we come to him.  When we do he solves our problem and we wonder why we didn’t go to him in the first place.  The part of the song that really stands out to me is in the chorus he states “I’ve been sleeping in the hotel doorway, and tonight they say it’s gonna rain.”  That is how it is when we are trying to go it alone.  We are not protected from the snares that the enemy is throwing at us.  Instead of trying to live our lives on our own doesn’t it make sense to surrender it to God?  Like the parents in Illinois he is concerned about us and wants the best for us.  Instead of sleeping in the hotel doorway he wants us to have the best suite in the hotel!  All we have to do is ask!  If you have been spiritually sleeping in the hotel doorway repeat this simple prayer with me.
Lord Jesus,
Please forgive me of my sins and save me
Come into my heart and make me whole
Take me from this life of sin and give me hope
Make me a new person in you
Be my Lord and Savior
If you prayed that prayer with me you will feel a wonderful peace in your heart.  That is the Holy Spirit making his presence in you!  Rejoice because your name is written in heaven and you will never have to sleep in the hotel doorway again!

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  1. This is a great story Lewis!! As always, thank you :)

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