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Read My Story…Lewis Hamilton

Hi!…My name is Lewis Hamilton and I never in my wildest dreams thought I would write a book!  However, (as they used to say on tv), due to circumstances beyond our control I did!  I’m really just an ordinary man.  But in the 1990’s God started giving me poems!  I was at my lowest point, my beautiful loving daughter had been unthinkably taken away by a terrible disease.  I was broken and nothing seemed to make sense.  I cried out to God during that time and he comforted me!  He put topics in my head and I started writing them down!  It was amazing how topics from a sermon or thoughts that came all through the day turned into poems!  I was in the spirit and the lines would just flow together! There were many times  after a poem was written I just read it over and over and cried!  I cried because I knew that it was way to good, meaningful, and  powerful for me to ever write by myself!

I live in Kalamazoo Michigan.  I can be contacted at (269)343-3279 or emailed at

About my sister….When you see the book you will see the marvelous illustrations in it!  Done one and all by my sister Sharolyn Hamilton who lives in Portage Michigan.  A very talented person who enhanced the book greatly! She may be able to help you too! You can contact her through me if you like her work!

About the book…The Gardener and My Garden is a collection of 140 Christian poems that I wrote over a 3-4 year time frame!  They were inspired by the spirit and during everyday activities.  A good percentage of the poems are about everyday things that people can relate to.  An example is a poem called “The Furnace” which is based on a true story about when we called the repairman to fix our furnace.  Everyday things turned into powerful simple messages!  The 140 poems are divided into 4 chapters.  Each chapter has one of the four Gardener and My Garden poem themes.  Each poem has a bible verse that the poem relates to.

My hope in doing this blog is that it in some way helps someone who is hurting. I know the feeling of hurt from loss. The worst pain of all is when you lose a child.
Almost 20 years later I am still dealing with it.

My book is a happy book as I was in a place where God had my attention. He talked to me through writing these poems and comforted me in my sorrow. Instead of dwelling on the past, the poems he gave puts the spotlight on the future and on the journey through life we all make! He taught me that we can deal with the past as long as we know that our future is with him! 

Our garden is a constant work in progress. We go through stages in life and our journey brings us through many phases of the gardens growth.  The point of emphasis is the idea that we are not the expert.   Our garden will turn out beautiful if and only if we  step out of the way and let the Gardener do his work!

If you are interested in obtaining a hard copy of my book contact me at the number or the email above. Thank you so much for reading and my prayer is that this will truly lighten your load!

Lewis Hamilton

15 thoughts on “Read My Story…Lewis Hamilton

  1. Enjoyed reading your blog! Very encouraging. I pray many people will be encouraged too!
    God bless

  2. Terylle on said:

    Hi Lewis, great blog. I too pray that many will be helped and encouraged by it! Terylle

  3. Thank you for your encouraging comments! It started in January as a simple idea and from that it has taken root! Thanks to all my readers and the ones to come!

  4. Hi! We met in the trivia room (kit1951). I am also a believer in Jesus Christ. I am one in the fourth generation of five generations of missionaries. Your page was very encouraging. The Lord bless you!

  5. claudia savage on said:

    lewis,i was so inspired to read your story!!i too am christian and am going through some rough times.i would love to get a copy of your book.thank you again for sharing.god bless you, claudia kontely-savage

  6. Kirsten on said:

    Thanks for sharing your page with me Lewis! God is good!

  7. Nice to ‘meet’ you Lewis … such a homely blog. So sorry about your daughter, may the Lord continue to comfort you as you meet each new day and move forward in His care and love.

  8. Ran into you yesterday when you were enjoying some Papa Johns. It was nice meeting you:) Just wanted to let u know I looked at ur page:]

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  10. Hi Lewis:
    I would like to congratulate you for your upcoming new facet in your live!
    Needless to say very inspiring and encouraging story. I believe in GOD and I know if we give our lives to him he will always guide us!!
    Thank you for sharing your journey with us!!!
    God bless you!!

  11. Nason Kigobanya on said:

    Only God Can comfort us and be comforted, continue to depend on him.

  12. It was nice meeting you today at the yard sale at my sisters house. I had on the pink Hershey sweatshirt.

  13. Cindy Koens on said:

    I’m thankful for your stories. I share them on my facebook page, and I’m confident, by the comments I have seen, that souls are being won to Christ! Praise God, Lewis! Your gift will make an eternal difference for many lost souls.

  14. Kelly Duggan on said:

    Lewis, it was a pleasure to meet yesterday at WMU. Thanks for sharing your card about Lighten load. I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read.

  15. Cindy Parish on said:

    I have a copy of your book, Lewis. The poems you wrote are as pertinent and timely in my life as they must have been in yours! I would recommend that anyone seeking a closer walk with God should get Lewis Hamilton’s book to read along with their devotions. Maybe you have spiritual questions. Maybe you, too, have a heart that’s broken. This book is for you!

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