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#1 Row The Boat

#1 Row The Boat
June 22, 2013

This is Coach Fleck's business card, made out of wood!

This is Coach Fleck’s business card, made out of wood!

When a new football coach came to town he brought with him a philosophy that was formed by tragedy in his personal life. This philosophy is not only for the football field but can be used in our business and personal lives also!

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Memories Of Good Times!

Time In A Bottle
July 13, 2013

Bottle Time

Tomorrow I will reveal the #1 lightenload story for 2013! Today as 2013 comes to a close I think it is good to reflect on memories. I’m sure there are many good memories that you have that happened in 2013! This story is about a good time shared on a hot summer day! Discovered in the form of a bottle, it literally brought people together to share a memory that happened almost 100 years ago!

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#2 Heaven At Tiger Stadium

#2 Heaven At Tiger Stadium
February 24, 2013

The biggest place I ever saw!

The biggest place I ever saw!

I can’t comprehend what heaven will be like but sometimes in our lifetimes I think that God gives us small glimpses! One such experience for me was when I was eight years old on a hot summer day!

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Counting And Spending Time Again

Counting And Spending Time
July 7, 2013

Keeping track of time

Keeping track of time

This story is not part of the countdown. This was actually one of the least read articles of 2013. Pardon the pun but maybe the timing wasn’t right on July 7th. Now as we buy our 2014 calendars and reflect on what 2013 meant to us, this may be right on time!

#3 A Candle In The Ice

#3 A Candle In The Ice
February 10, 2013

A candle in the ice

A candle in the ice

When disaster struck my family a pleasurable trip home turned into a test of survival. Still there was a light that burned within them and on the dashboard!

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#4 Kate’s Kup

#4 Kate’s Kup
August 4, 2013

The course where lightening struck!

The course where lightening struck!

When a very unusual event occurred at the annual Kate’s Kup Golf Scramble it caused me to reflect on the mysteries of life. Sometimes only God knows why things that to us make no sense happen.

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#5 Nine Little Words To Stop Worrying!

#5 Nine Little Words To Stop Worrying!
August 31, 2013

Art Williams

Art Williams

Here is a story thats timing just may be perfect! It is almost the start of a new year and maybe your new years resolution is to stop worrying! Art Williams came up with nine little words that if we truly concentrate on can help us to turn the worrying knob to off!

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#6 A Giant Throwing Starfish (The Blindside)

#6 A Giant Throwing Starfish (The Blindside)
May 18, 2013



From this inspiring story I found out that there are giants living among us! This particular person was small in stature but had decided that she was going to make a difference in someones life!

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#7 The Diamond Image

#7 The Diamond Image
April 20, 2013

Keith Allynn as Neil Diamond

Keith Allynn as Neil Diamond

While watching Keith Allynn perform as Neil Diamond I couldn’t believe how well he imitated his look, sound, and stage presence! Still there was something about him that was much deeper. It was his greatest imitation of all!

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#8 When The Door Clangs Shut It’s Prison Reality

#8 When the Door Clangs Shut It’s Prison Reality
July 28, 2013

An experience hopefully not repeated for real An experience hopefully not repeated for real

A book I had recently finished coincided with a reality TV show that I was watching! One story was about what was learned from years in prison and the other was about preventing such an experience from happening!

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