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#9 Within These Walls I Hear Voices

#9 Within These Walls I Hear Voices
February 19, 2013

Built in 1905

East Hall Built in 1905

When I found out that the old East Campus buildings were coming down I made one last trip to see them and say goodbye.

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#10 Don’t Block My Blessing

#10 Don’t Block My Blessing
April 6, 2013

"Please no"

Please no”

We always hear about the blessings of giving and in that light I have learned something profound “receiving can be giving too!”

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#11 Grandfather Finds A Home

Grandfather Finds A Home
March 9, 2013

Grandfather and Me

Grandfather and Me

Standing tall by the side of the road next to a TV set was Grandfather. He looked so out of place. Maybe a change of scenery was just what he needed!

The Year In Review 2013 Lightenload Honorable Mentions

These stories were next in line for the most read for 2013. They are listed as Honorable Mentions! I hope that if you read them before that something new will be discovered and if this is the first time that you will be blessed in a special way by the messages!  I have included the links so click and enjoy!

Cheers To Buster
January 26, 2013

Who would ever think that such good could come from a big headed mascot?

Prideful Righteousness
October 5, 2013

We all know the story of the prodigal son. What lessons can we learn from his brother?

Walking The Straight And The Narrow
June 30, 2013

At first I didn’t want to watch this unusually dangerous and seemingly foolish event. Yet when I started watching I discovered a faith so strong it kept me glued to the TV set!

Teammates For Life
June 16, 2013

This is the story of a teammate that went way beyond the call of duty!

The Hummingbird Inn
April 28, 2013

When we visited Branson, Missouri in April we stayed at the Hummingbird Inn Bed and Breakfast and heard an interesting story about the hummingbirds that came there!

Taking A Flying Leap
March 23, 2013

I discovered that it wasn’t a good thing to believe that Big Time Wrestling was real!

November 15, 2013

This was maybe the most powerful message I have ever heard!

The Power Of Love
March 30, 2013

1983 Was a year of miracles! Jim Valvano had one as the basketball coach for North Carolina State! My little miracle was in that year too!

Seasons In The Sun
June 8, 2013

A song in the 1970’s had words that are just as true today!

Missing The School Bus
January 10, 2013

Usually missing the school bus is a bad thing. This particular time I was very glad I missed it!

Lightenload The Year In Review 2013

Time Stock Photo

I can’t believe how fast the year went!  Thanks to you my faithful readers Lightenload is almost two years old!  You don’t know how much you have encouraged me with your comments, retweets, and just the number of you who follow this!  I consider every one of you my friends and I want to encourage first timers to climb aboard!  I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for making anything good that has come out of this possible!

Honestly I can tell you that the ideas of these articles are not planned.  So many times I would wonder what the weekly writing would be about.  Somehow something would happen to me or someone else that would spring an idea.  I know better than to take the credit.  God works in his wondrous ways and he always provides!

I’d like to do this a little differently this year.  I’ll start out with ten honorable mentions.  These were articles that were next in line as far as readership.  I will include them in one package and you can click on the link provided to review each one.  I’m sure that you may have missed a few articles on the way.  This will give you a chance for some nice reading here at the end!  This year there will be eleven in the countdown.  Last year we did a top 10, but the 11th was so close that I decided to expand the list!  I will wind down the list if not daily then every other day until finally on December 31 you can read the #1 story of the year!  So come with me on a spiritual journey again as we revisit 2013 Lightenload one more time!

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