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#1 The Trophy Wife

The #1 story of the year on lightenload is a story about how sometimes God in his infinite wisdom can make failure in something we think is important into a blessing that lasts for those who love him!


#2 Dane’s Pain and Gain

This is a story about Dane.  Dane grew up in my neighborhood and had a very different experience after high school than most of the rest of us.

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#3 An Audience of One

It is pretty refreshing to read about someone who is more concerned about what the God of the Universe thinks than his fellow man.

Philadelphia Eagles v Los Angeles Rams

#4 In The Silence

In the silence is when we hear from God.  Read about the astronaut who was truly in the silence!

#5 How To Prevent A Heart Attack

Image result for man getting his blood pressure checked photo

#6 How To Deactivate A Bomb

There is someone who can deactivate your bomb…Find out who!

Clever. The Road Runner is seen as clever in this picture because he switches the TNT to when Wile E. Coyote pushed the lever it blew up on himself.

#7 Have Mercy On Me

Forgiving his father after many years of bitterness led Bart Millard to freedom and a #1 hit!

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#8 Roll Away The Stone

That obstacle is blocking your path to God?

The Stone Rolled Away

#9 Peace In The Storm

It’s nice to know that the storm is here to strengthen us!

#10 Days Of The Living Dead

Going to a movie only because we were given free tickets years ago brought this story and the memory of Dawn of the Dead.

Dawn of the Dead original VHS box cover art.

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