Come with me on a spiritual Journey!

#2 Jesus Loves You Nicky!

Jesus Loves You Nicky!  January 23, 2016

If you think that God couldn’t possibly love you because of how bad you have been please read this inspiring story of grace!

#3 My Little World And Yours

#3 My Little World And Yours…April 12, 2016

Each of us have our own little world and I came to the conclusion that sometimes it is healthy to expand it!

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#4 A Little Rain Sometimes

#4 A Little Rain Sometimes…June 4, 2016

Discovering all of the benefits of rain I had to ask myself if I was a good rainy day person?

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#5 A Tale of Two Hearts

#5 A Tale of Two Hearts….August 21, 2016

Hearing about different people’s reactions to circumstances in their lives made me realize that we choose how we look at the world.

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#6 Electric Wheels Find A Purple Heart

While standing in line for an event I never realized the wonderful miracle I was about to hear!  Electric Wheels Find A Purple Heart …November 22, 2016

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#7 Cassie’s Drum

Cassie’s Drum   September 29, 2016

I discovered a similarity between an old bongo drum and a missing friend.  Click the link below for the story.


#8 It’s A Puzzle

It’s A Puzzle …April 2, 2016

The experience of trying to put a puzzle together reminded me that we are all part of a much bigger puzzle.

#9 Someone’s Knocking At The Door

#9 Someone’s Knocking At The Door…April 25, 2016

When someone knocks on our door it is not the same as it used to be.  We need to take down our defenses when someone special knocks!

#10 Take It!

When I heard about a contract that wasn’t signed and the regrets that followed I was reminded that we all have a contract that we too can accept!

Take It!  June 15, 2016

After signing a one day contract with the Detroit Tigers

Countdown Time 2016

Another year has passed and I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  As usual in the days ahead before the New Year I will count down the top ten top stories of the year from lightenload.  So sit back with your hot chocolate and warm blankets and let the stories begin!

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